Wandom Wednesday: Namaste New Moon

1. New Moon- If some tween googled New Moon, I wonder if my blogpost would pop up. I hope not because there would be a boatload of disappointed Twi-hards and Twi-cougars. I was referring to the REAL new moon, the O.G! Do you see it in the sky? It looks like it's about to explode with love and energy....sorry, I just got back from yoga, more on that in a bit.

My kooky happy yoga instructor said that the New Moon marks a New Beginning. I love that idea. I'm all about new beginnings because it allows you to purge theraggity old  crap and start anew. That's sooooo yoga, isn't it?

Speaking of new moon, this new season has also got me reinventing myself. (I'm like 2 weeks too late on mentioning fall but, what the hey!)
I decorated with little pumpkins everywhere and ummm, can I just mention how AMAZING fall candles are? The smell of pumpkin spice is nose-gasmic.

This week will also mark a new year for my hubby and I. We will be celebrating our first anniversary. I'm unbelievably excited for our little getaway we have planned.
2. My Hubby- He's amazing. I'm a lucky girl because we started this super fun tradition on Wednesdays. It's called, I go to yoga and hubby makes dinner. I LOVE IT! Right now he's working so hard on dinner while I'm blogging, smelling the aromas of dinner wafting through the house....and I don't have to lift a finger!! WHOA BABY!
And look at him being all organized. He knows that his wife will freak the hell out if there's mess in her our kitchen. He learned well. He learned well.
3.Yoga time! I used to do yoga when I was in college. I loved it because it was something I chose to do alone. I didn't ask for a friend to accompany me, nor did I look for friends at the studio, this was something only for lil' ol' me! 7 years later, I am going again and my body feels challenged and my mind feels clear and enlightened. I feel new! New and improved, with better staying power. Give me a couple of weeks and I'll be doing this....

Except I will be wearing more than a diaper thong. But first I need to learn to touch my toes, which will also help with the toenail painting (man, I have to do all kinds of weird poses for that one!) and I need to learn how to balance. I can barely balance on two feet, let alone my big toe.

4. This is totally random, but a life changer for me. I found THE best shampoo and conditioner in all the land. My hair is medium thickness, semi-smooth, and what people like to call "Asian Straight." I was it about every other day or every two days, depending on how lazy I am that week. I recently started switching up my shampoos every wash so it can't get used to one product. I like to confuse the follicles. We play this game and I know they like it.

I have to admit that I'm a sucker for packaging. The fact that the bottle has the same colors as my wedding was a big selling point. This coincidence I now know to be FATE. My hair has never felt so soft. I fell like I have a new head of hair.

5. Best Damn Tacos- My hubby found his new favorite dish that I make. I can thank my awesome co-worker Kimberly for the insane recipe that had my husband going loco.

Here is the recipe. Carne Asada Tacos. I really wanted to make a whole blog post about it but I didn't really change anything. But, I assure you that these are the best Tacos I've ever made. Hubby said they were pretty amazing. He's Mexican, so he knows his tacos. (Is that stereotyping?) Slap together some salsa, squeeze some lime, and sprinkle some Mexican cheese and by golly, you have yourself the best damn tacos around!
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  1. We must be on the same wavelength, because I'm sensing a new beginning with myself too. I used to go to yoga classes as well, but when we cancelled our gym membership, that went out the window. I miss it so much. Stretching at home just isn't the same, although Tara Stiles has some pretty good yoga videos on YouTube.

    Happy early Anniversary, and have fun on your getaway!

  2. Ha ha I love this. Your fall decorations are so cute!

    Also. Those tacos really need to get in me. They look so good!


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