To Resolute or Not to Resolute

This year, I will not fall into my "I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions" rut. Year after year, I excuse myself from making them because of the stigma of the New Year's curse. I've made the excuse of, "when you make them, you'll only break them," "I can't keep them anyway,"  and my personal fav "I'll just focus on the same goals as last year."

HELLO! Paging Joanna! If you have to do the same thing every year, you're not following through. Plus, when the end of the year comes'a flyin' by, I can't even remember what the hell I said for my "resolutions."

 But, this year is different... I WILL make resolutions, I WILL work hard to keep them, and I WILL follow through.  How you ask? I'm taking the advice of many other bloggers.

1. I'm making them public. This will hopefully keep me accountable for my actions.
2. I will revisit my list each month. I can't forget them if I keep them in my mind at all times.
3. I will make my goals specific. Vague ones are so uncool.

I'm going to make 2 resolutions for each part of my being... Here goes nothing....

Strong Me:
1. Sign-up and RUN (Not run/walk) atleast 2 5Ks.

    Runners are probably laughing their heads off at this one... but for me, running bullies my body and my mind.... not this time bully! I will lay the SMACKDOWN. Here's my first sign-up!

2. Get Active atleast 3 days a week.

Whether it be, walking Sonic a little bit longer, Running around the block, or working out to a DVD, I WILL commit to an Active lifestyle.

Foodie Me:
3. Add more fruits and Vegetables to every meal.

4. Continue cooking healthy and yummy dinners each week.

Spiritual Me:
5. Make God my priority.

 We all make dates with our friends and we'd be damned if we just didn't show up. So, I want to keep my Sunday DATE with the Lord.

6.Read my daily devotionals. They always make my heart smile.

Intellectual Me:
6. Watch less TV and read books.

The TV makes me comatose on the couch. I'm going to ask Hubs if we can remove the boob tube from our bedroom ::teehee::


No one really knows what goes through my head, but most of the time, I'm not even concentrating on what's in front of me. I live in daydream world in my head where I'm a Hollywood Star loved by all. I'm thinking about what I'm going to cook or blog while I'm at work. I'm not focusing on the moment, and I really want to enjoy the present. It is a gift  afterall... eh eh?

The Wifey Me:
8. Be his best friend.

My Husband is the sweetest guy. He encourages me and all of my scatterbrained life goals. He tells me I'm beautiful everyday, literally. His patience would make Mother Theresa jealous. He washes the dishes!! He loves me...PERIOD. There are many times where I'm not so loveable (hard to believe huh?). I would never dare talk to a friend the way I talk to him sometimes, and that's just wrong. I will make it right.

9. Be Patient

I am probably the most impatient person IN the world.  He means well, really he does. I loved the fact that Hubs wanted to go grocery shopping with me but steam shot from my ears when he kept stopping to look and this and that... move your feet gosh darnit! ::calm:: Seriously, I need to supress the monster inside me that is telling me to yell "HURRY UP!"

Friend Me:
10. Cultivate strong friendships

I think I'm at that age where my true friendships really become apparent. Fortunately and Unfortunately, my wedding really showed me who would really be there when I needed them the most. I had so many helpful and supportive friends and had some who seemed to not give a damn.  I really need want to spend more time with those people who fill my heart, instead of suck the life out of me.

11. Make more of an effort

Text, Call, FB, Tweet, Food dates.... there's no excuse!

11 in 2011... I didn't even plan that.

I pray and cross my fingers and toes with my hands, eyes, and legs crossed that I truly follow through on my resolutions. I encourage all of you to make some, because what's wrong with making goals for your life... that's what I'd like to know.

What are some of your resolutions?


  1. Can I just say, "I love you Joanna?" You are such an amazing soul. Keep going girl. We're all beside you!

  2. Your resolutions are great! Some of mine are similar to yours! You know I'm always here to support you and cheer you along the way, but you I'm sure you won't need me very much because you're already a strong woman and well on your way. :)

  3. I ADORE your resolutions. I think I could say a big ditto to most of them myself. :)

  4. your resolutions sound great! and i know you can get those 5ks in! they're so fun!!! let me know what ones you pick, maybe we can run one together!!!

  5. I LOVE your resolutions and the one about the friends one! So true after you start growing up people dissapear it's sad!!

    I love all your goals :)


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