Patience is a Virtue... in Vegas

Happy Sunday Everyone! I hope your weekend was fun and relaxing. Mine was fun, but not so relaxing. I say we all take a vote to have THREE day weekends. We really need one day to recoup from the fun. Anyone with me?

So, My hubs, my kuya, and I went to Las Vegas for my Kuya's second round of celebrations. We only went for a turn around trip and didn't partake in the drunken escapades that were happening... We're getting old.

I remember the days when I used to roam through Vegas in my sexiest heels, fakiest lashes, and drink in hand...

My Bachelorette party in Vegas... those were the days!

Our trip started off bright and early. Kuya bought doughnuts. I try not to eat those sugar grenades... but I just couldn't resist. I countered it with some Cuties!

Love these little guys!

Since it was his birthday, I let my Kuya sit in the front. I had to sit in the back all by my lonesome... woe is me. What do I do with all that leg room?

I mostly napped away the 2-1/2 hour drive and I practiced my photography skills...

Kinda hard with a point and shoot!

I couldn't get a legit nap because the boys were in the front planning their attack for the poker tournament. How RUDE? ::Stephanie Tanner style::

We FINALLY arrived right in time for lunch!!

We went to The New York New York Casino. I love how they made the inside look like downtown!

Check out the meat fridge they put in the middle of the walkway....

We ate at this cute Japanese/Chinese place called Chin Chin. It was almost good.

Don't you HATE that... the food was almost tasty, but was missing something.

I also hated the services here. The waitress was nice but our food took For-ev-er! It irked me when I looked over to see two booths of chefs eating their lunch! GRRRR!

We started with some Bao (steamed buns) that were undercooked, but good.

Hubs ordered the Mushu pork. It was good, a bit bland.


Kuya ordered the Curry Fried Rice, also quite bland but was powerful in the curry flavor!


And I ordered the Sesame Chicken Salad and Unagi (eel) roll. The salad was too vinegary and the eel was VERY eely.... overall... it was ok.


I ended my meal with a delightful fortune.


After lunch, we headed off to Excalibur for the mini-poker tournament.

Since my poker skills are next to nil and spectators aren't allowed in these tournaments, I spent TWO BORING, MISERABLE, EYE-BALL STABBING HOURS keeping myself busy.

I started with a bathroom break (one not two) and saw these amazing things!! There is an "airblade" that dries your hands as you karate chop them in and out....

The future is now....

Then, I took a stab at the slots.... FAIL.

Good thing I only put in a dollar...WHEW!

I spent most of my 2 hours sitting at the Casino Starbucks, enjoying Jillian, new recipes, and an Iced Soy Caramel Macchiato.

I also people watched and tweeted how bored I was, but patience is a virtue in Sin City!

Two hours of waiting for the boys to finish their poker game equals Two hours at the Vegas Fashion Mall! MWHAHAHA... hold my purse please!

I walked out with these goodies!

I will speak more about these tomorrow in my Monday post... so much to say!

We also splurged on these lovely gems. SOOOO freakin' GOOD!!! Real chocolate with no preservatives!! Best chocolate I've ever put in my mouth.

We ended out night in the most fabulous way. If you go to Vegas, you MUST, I repeat, you MUST eat here!

Aloha Specialties at the California Casino, which is in old town Vegas away from the strip.
I love Hawaiian food!

My kuya and I got the local plate which had chicken, beef, and my current death row meal, Spam Masubi. I know I know, Spam is probably anti-health blog, but I love it.

Hubs got the Loco Moco which was Loco good! That's rice, seasoned hamburger patty, egg, and a special gravy. Told you it was Loco.

Then I treated the boys to some shaved ice. I had my favorite cookies and cream and shared some ice with my hubs.

If you blow on Shaved Ice, does it make it easier to eat? Hubs was doing this seriously... silly goof.

See you can have fun without drinks in Vegas! :)

Tell me ONE thing you did this weekend!


  1. You are too cute! Can't wait to hear about the new gear! ;) And happy birthday to you Kuya!!

    This weekend, I worked... and saw your tweets and wished we were in Vegas together!

  2. Thank you again for the wonderful post birthday weekend! Love you guys!

  3. Something I did this weekend was spend a relaxing Sunday morning in my new footsie pajamas reading the newspaper. Nothing rocks quite like footsies!


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