Drooling Over Spitz

I think I found my new favorite place to eat in Downtown LA. This has to be the  BEST place I've eaten in a looooong time. This place made my eyes roll to the back of my head while I had a delicious food-gasm.

The Place: Spitz is a hip European Style quick service restaurant located in Little Tokyo. To me it was half trendy bar, that had a good variety of beer on tap, and half little eatery that serves LEGIT Mediterranean style food. I loved the feel right away

To be completely honest, whenever I travel to Downtown LA, the fact that I'm a plain Jane nerdy pants girl comes out like crazy. I feel so insecure because there is nothing "hip" or cool about me. I beg Hubby to take me to Urban Outfitters for new clothes beforehand, but he always shuts that idea down.  However, I didn't feel like that at Spitz. The people here didn't give off that "I'm a hipster and you're not" vibe.
The insecure nerd in me liked that very much.
Can I point out that AWESOME light fixture that was hanging at the center of this place? That my foodies, is a Gyro Spit! Beautiful art is what I call it. Since hubby is the quintessential man and is obsessed with meat, I think I will buy this for our living room...you know... just for him. I'm such a good wife like that.

The Menu: I appreciate any eatery that has it's combos down to a science. This menu was exactly that! The fact that they offer such amazing combos tells me that there aren't money hungry douchebags that work behind the scenes. I imagine that they are heavenly angels with a gift of food, spreading joy all around the world. I love you, angels.

I also like the fact that there aren't a million things on the menu. Don't forget that those places that offer too much can never get anything perfect...instead everything is mediocre. Since Spitz doesn't do that, the things that they do make, are sheer perfection.
As you can see, LA seems to agree with me. They coined this place "Best Cheap Eats". If you've ever been to LA there are many many cheap eats, so to be named THE BEST is really saying somethin'!

The Eats: With all this good food around, it was bound to happen. In mine and hubby's game of "Mine is better than yours" he beat me out cold. I mean, don't get me wrong, we both had things that made us shiver in delight, but his....should win a gold medal or something.
I decided to try to be healthy and opted for the Falafalite Wrap Combo with Tzatziki and chili sauce with a side of fried pita strips and hummus. Because nothing says healthy liked fried pita strips right?
It was DIVINE. So flavorful and refreshing. Great combo of crunch, smoothness, freshness, and Oh My Goshness. I dream about those pita strips and they are begging me to make sweet sweet food love to them! They were crispity strips of perfection that were only made better with their hummus.
Hubby knew what to get because he has the convenience of going on his lunch break sometimes (although he says it's packed like sardines in there at that time). He ordered the The Classic (Beef & Lamb) Combo Zesty style (zesty feta and pepperoncinis) and....
the item that single handedly beat my meal....

Street Cart Fries!!! Let me just tell you so you know what I say is TRUE... "French Fries topped with tons of garlic aioli, feta cheese, diced onions, green pepper, tomato, kalamata olives, pepperoncinis, and chili sauce."

People, people!! Get out your bucket lists, this will need to be on there. This is genius-osity at its best!
Since hubby is such an amazing man, he let me have half of his meal. And me, being such a great wife, traded half of my meal, too. Secret to a happy marriage #1- it's all about give and take.

Overall: This place is a must if you're ever in LA. I know that I will beg the hubs to bring me here...maybe tomorrow? These chefs know what they're doing. The flavors combine perfectly to make your mouth appreciate every ingredient of love that was put into your combo. Even though this is a quick-serve restaurant, you can tell that they make each combo to order. They can't make these things ahead of time!! I give this place an A+.
GO to this place!! Like, NOW!


  1. just read your profile and I LOVE the idea of buffering life with food & fun! Glad I found you.

  2. Good Lewis! That wrap thing looks divine. I haven't been to L.A. since I was tiny . . . but you're doing a good job of convincing me that I should probably make visiting a priority.

  3. Adding this joint to my next LA adventure. Mediterranean grub reminded me of a random search of babaganoosh (sp?) in riverside. I'm almost 100% sure you were behind it.

  4. Looks delicious!~:):):)

    food looks so delicious.

    I am getting hungry...

  5. It sounds like a great place, and anywhere with awesome food is a great place:) I'm happy to hear that you felt comfortable there, too. I have that same problem, even just going out downtown, so it's kind of good to know that some stuff really is in our heads:D xx

  6. That wrap looks wonderful, as do the fries. I just signed up to follow your blog and I've thoroughly enjoyed what I've read so far. Please visit mine at http://lifeinanarv.blogspot.com I love to cook and blog about it. Thanks for a great post!

  7. ah, when i first read it I thought you wrote sipz!!! they are SD based and sooooooooooooo good! you should go there...but you have to go to SD.


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