California Eats: Fosselman's Ice Cream

One of the best things about Southern California is the warm weather. This gives Californians permission to wear daisy dukes with bikinis on top....says Katy Perry. But I say it gives us permission to not only eat ice cream but to enjoy ice cream on more days out of the year. Sure, Alaskans can eat ice cream but do they enjoy it? That's like eating soup in the summer...bleh. This is pure opinion though...I'll add "Ask an Alaskan if they like to eat ice cream" to my bucket list.....but I digress... this post is about Fosselman's.

The Place: Located within the city streets of Alhambra, this little shop makes home made ice cream and milkshakes that bring all the boys to their yard. Outside, their parking lot hasn't expanded since 1919 because it really holds only 6 cars. There is street parking so practice your parallel parking skills. Inside, you'll see a long line of people deciding which flavor to choose, you'll hear old time tunes, you'll smell sweet sugar in the air, and you'll feel your mouth watering. There is seating both inside and out but if you go on a busy day, you're better off eating on the curb.

The Menu: Homemade ice cream by the half gallons, sundaes big and small, root beer floats, and salt water taffy. Need I say more? Ok.... 40 different flavors, yogurt and sorbets, sugar and plain cones, and the unique two scoop cone. My oh my the choices that you have! I don't do well with choices, so I ordered a two scoop cone with French Vanilla Bean and Butter Pecan. Pretty boring but I'm a pretty boring girl sometimes. Hubby ordered one of their famous milkshakes with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Delish!

The Eats: Their ice cream was creamy and sweet. Just like ice cream should be. I loved the double cone because who doesn't like two scoops of ice cream! I like how it's side by side instead of up and down. Pretty shnazzy. My husband's milkshake was my favorite though. Luckily, I was preggos at the time of our visit so he generously let me sip to my hearts content. Their milkshakes were thick, creamy, and oh so dreamy. It was big so you can definitely share it with a pregnant woman and still feel like you had enough milkshake. 

To all you non-Californians out there, today the high will be in the upper 70s. This weekend it'll be in the high 80s. It's February and the weather is perfect for ice cream. Don't you just want to come and visit? I wish I could do a Trip to California  Giveaway for you. Instead, I can send someone some ice cream. I'll do that right when I figure out how to do that without it melting. Keep you posted.

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  1. That place looks awesome!! I've never seen a double cone like that...what a great idea. Makes me wanna come to California just to eat at Fosselmans!


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