Two Months With Baby Joaquin

My little baby is a whole two months old this week. I can't believe it's already two months, but I can't believe it's only been two months. Know what I mean? Joaquin is growing so fast and when I say fast, I mean chubby. We have his two month check up this week so we'll see how many pounds he's packed on. I'm guessing he's around 13-15 pounds. He's a chunkers and I just love his jiggly legs that look like they have rubber bands all up and down them and his chubby cheeks that I can't stop kissing. He's eating a whopping 4 oz of breast milk or formula each feeding and any less he screams like...well, a baby.

Another fav of mine is hearing him coo and ahh throughout the day. Sometimes I'll even get a loud ahh like he's trying to establish his roar as a human being. Primetime for chats and smiles is morning time and it really takes the edge off of my zombie-mommy state. He is a better conversationalist than a lot of people I've encountered and I can just googoo and gaagaa with him all day! It literally melts my heart every time.

And the question on every one's mind, how is baby boy sleeping? I feel so blessed that he is slowly but surely sleeping longer stretches of time during the nights. Since Week 2, we tried establishing a bedtime routine. I knew he wouldn't follow it just yet, but I wanted to create it early on so that all three of us could get used to some kind of bedtime routine.

His Bedtime Routine: We feed him his dinner anywhere from 7:00-9:00 pm depending on when he's hungry. On some nights, we will give him a warm bath and a lotion/baby oil massage. Most of the time he digs his baths but there are certainly those times where he screams his head off, particularly when it's time to rinse his hair. Then, I swaddle him tightly and rock him to sleep in the rocking chair while Hubby reads a bedtime story. We put on the sound machine (Joaquin enjoys the "crashing waves" channel) and he'll either fall right to sleep or he'll wiggle like a worm for about a minute and then fall asleep. He'll wake up around 1:00 or 2:00 am to eat, fall right to sleep and wake up again at around 4:00 or 5:00 am to eat again and try to chat it up, then fall asleep. I don't give in to playing with him at that hour because one, I'm half asleep, and two, I don't want him to think it's play time. He'll sleep again until about 7:00 am and that's when our day officially begins. He's a good napper as well, which has allowed me to nap, clean, or blog during the day. I'm one lucky momma! ::knock on wood::

As for me, the first month was definitely trying and was filled with hormone imbalances, c-section recovery, the lack of sleep, and my battle with breastfeeding. I felt so guilty that I wasn't "loving it" like people expected me I expected to. My mommy friends reassured me that what I  was feeling was normal. The Baby Blues came and went.

But I'm so excited to report that most of that has passed and I truly, wholeheartedly love it. I love my little baby boy to pieces and I just love being a mother. Sure, there is still the lack of sleep (oh, how I miss sleep!), the hormone imbalances (sorry, Hubby), and my battle with breastfeeding pumping, but when I see my little Joaquin smile at me, my heart just melts to the floor. The good moments with my son outweigh the bad. I don't even mind poopy diapers...that has to say something!

As for my body, I am amazed at how resilient it truly is. I mean, don't get me wrong, I still have a few stretch marks, a very ugly c-section scar, and flab in some places I've never had before, but for the most part I am back to normal. My pre-pregnancy weight was about 130 lbs and while I was pregnant, I ate everything in sight and swelled so much from the summer heat that I gained 50+ lbs putting me at about 180 lbs. Right now, I am down to 145 lbs thanks to breastfeeding, my mother's genes, and not having much of an appetite. I've taken a few walks and plan to start some strength training soon. I don't care about losing all the weight, but I want to be fit and strong.

Before. During. After

Overall, things are amazing. My son is amazing. My husband is amazing. My dog is amazing. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.


  1. OMG, he is too cute, so sweet!
    You have an amazing family.

  2. He is so chubby and precious! And you look beautiful, momma! I know what you mean about not completely loving the first month...I'm right there with you. I look back and feel guilty that I didn't cherish every moment, even the sleep-deprived/feeling like crap ones, because I can never get them back. But I'm determined to make up for it :). Im so glad Joaquin is a healthy little boy!

  3. Love the family picture of the 4 of you! :-) Joaquin is adorable!! I read somewhere that stretch marks are the true marks of motherhood, so we should wear them proudly. haha! I dunno, I would rather do without it, but it is what it is! Anyways I know what you mean about wanting to be fit and strong. Lets chat it up again before you start strength training though! Cause me and a couple of my new mommy friends had a really hard time getting back into and I definitely don't want you to make the same mistake I did!

  4. He is SO adorable and happy! I'm so glad that you are feeling happy and loving mommyhood :) Can't wait for more updates on how things are going!

  5. What a beautiful family you have, Joanna! Joaquin is precious!!

  6. GAH! He is the cutest thing ever - for real! So glad you're all feeling + doing well. I have a good feeling that 2013 is going to be your best year so far! =)

  7. Look at the hair on the head of your little boy!!! Two months already!

    As happy as I am to see him growing up so well I'm also very happy to hear how you're doing!! I'm sure starting strength training soon will help also! You'll do great!

  8. Oh my goodness!!! He's so cute it makes my ovaries ache! I'm so in love with his hair, too. :)

  9. Great post as always! Keep the pictures of Joaquin coming!

  10. Congratulations to a beautiful baby & family!

  11. He is SOOOO cute!!! And I love that hair..oh my gosh!
    So happy that he's a good eater. I know a lot of new babies who are having a hard time. You are a blessed momma!

    Looking good already girl! Good luck with the rest of your weight loss.


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