For The New Year's Resolutioners: The Homemaker You

The Homemaker you

I grew up in a household where my mom did it ALL! She worked all day, cooked delicious meals, kept the house emaculate at all times, while still having time to help me with my homework at night. She is my inspiration as I step into the world of mommyhood. I want my household to be orderly and kept, clean and comfortable, and of course full of love and all that mushy crap. Blogs and such are great resources for ideas to keeping your house just so.

If you're anything like me, then clutter and mess makes you feel out of control. When messes grow, so does my anxiety. I am totally in love with organizational tools, cute containers, and anything that has to do with using my label maker. These sites speak to my soul....or my Type A personality...whatever. I want to hire these ladies and ask them to organize every room in my home.

-I Heart Organizing

I just adore her blog! Everything in her house is simple, clean, and you guessed it...organized. I want!

-Organized like Jen

Great videos on organizing your home. She has a big beautiful home (must...not...envy...others..) and a knack for keeping it all under control!

-Young House Love

You can mention home decorating and organizing without mentioning this popular blog. So purdy!

My Favorite Food Blogs

Fearless Homemaker
Pinch Of Yum
Burnt Lumpia
Yums and Loves
Pioneer Woman
Drizzle Of Sunshine- And of course, there is always my blog that has recipes that I've tried, some I've changed, and some are straight from my mommy!

What are some of your favorite home and food blogs? Share some with the class!


  1. A blog dedicated to organizing?!? are you kidding me!? Eek! I could spend hours on that site!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I looooove organizing (I alphabetize my spices, ha!) so I can't wait to check out the organizing blog. And thank you SO much for the shoutout to my blog - I'm so flattered! =D

  3. thanks for the mention!! my strong point. I recently saw Bethenny Frankel on Ellen and she was saying something about just focusing on one thing. so that's what I'm doing. I feel accomplished if I am able to get one drawer clean! I don't know how you work and take care of a kiddo and think about organizing!

  4. Some of my favorite recipe blogs are Recipe Shoebox:, The Life and Love's of Grumpy's Honey Bunch:, Frieda Loves Bread:, Cooking with Cristine:, and In the Kitchen with Holly: to name a few! :)

  5. oooo what a pretty new layout Joanna! And Omgsh I always WISHED I was a type A personality, lol. Unfortunately, thinking about that kind of stuff overwhelms me because I'm a crazy AB personality. Hah! And I really like the Smitten Kitchen, Roost, and Tartelette blog! They're so so beautiful in terms of pictures and food quality and ingredients.


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