For The New Year's Resolutioners: Healthy & Strong You

It's that time again. Time to make our New Year's Resolutions. No? Not this time? Don't be scared, Friends. Don't be afraid to make goals for yourself. Even if you throw in the towel two weeks in, you would have done more for yourself than if you didn't make those goals. Am I right or an I right?
I had a  pretty successful time with my 2011 Resolutions, which made me a stronger person physically and emotionally and as for my 2012 Resolutions, well, I wish I could have done more with those but I got pregnant and was super sidetracked with that momentous occasion. Because last year's resolutions were a bust, I need to think long and hard about what I want for myself in 2013. I can attach Mother to my title now, so I want to be thoughtful about my goals.
My NYE Kiss
While contemplating my hopes for this new year, I started thinking about what inspires me and what has made me feel at my best throughout the last couple of years. For the month of January, I'll be posting some of my favorite sites, apps, videos, and such to help motivate you and hopefully help you reach your goals.

Let's start with some things to movtivate you to stay healthy and strong!

Healthy You

-Waterlogged App
First off, it's free. Bangarang! We all know that drinking lots of water is the answer to many of our body's ailments. Sick? Drink lots of water. Breaking out like an adolescent teen? Drink lots of water. Constipated? Drink lots of water. Drunk out of your mind? Drink lots of water. This app is great because it really keeps you on track of your daily intake. Throughout the day or at the end of my day, I enter the amount of water I drink and wah-lah, Waterlogged tells me if I reached my goal or if I should guzzle down a gallon before bedtime.

-Beauty Detox
Fair warning, this book is intense. I love the health advice in this book and I still follow some of the tips each day: drinking warm lemon water with a probiotic on the side every morning, eating fruit at the beginning of my meal instead of the end, and eating lighter in the morning and heavier at night. I say it is intense because the regimen that she suggests is pretty rigorous, incorporating the idea of eating only raw to get that glow. I pick and choose what I want to follow because I'm not that disciplined yet. Maybe I can have a half glow?
-Healthy living blogs

Strong You

-Nike Fuelband+

Talk about a motivation tool! This is a pedometer, calorie burner tracker, and watch rolled up into one sleek burrito. It is a resolution tracker on your wrist. You set a goal of how active you want to be that day and you keep track of your progress via iphone, computer, and this band. I set myself at 2,000 fuel points a day which means I need to be somewhat active. It is motivating to see how active or inactive I am on any given day and it is rewarding to look down and visually see when I reached my goal. It was a Christmas gift from my hubby, so I'll keep you updated on my feelings about it throughout the months.

-Mommy workouts

I know I have some readers that are newb moms like myself, so I am psyched to post this video for the mommies. If you do tummy time with your wee one, then you can squeeze in this short but challenging workout to help shed those pesky pregnancy pounds. If you are NOT a newb mommy, you can do this while you are watching TV with your dogs...or whatever.

-Nike Training Club App

This app is perfect for someone who wants a daily, customizable, and challenging workout. You choose which part of your body you want to work out or your workout goal (get lean, toned, strong, or focused) and the app will serve as your personal trainer for the next 15-45 minutes (depending on which challenge you choose). This personal trainer wont yell at you, but holy monkey crap, it'll work you OUT! I tried it once and was sore for days. Hurts. so. good.

This site has great videos, eating plans, and workout plans for the girliest of girlie girls. Just take one look at these Karena and Katrina and you'll want to join the club. A lot of resouces on their site are free!
What resources inspire you to be strong and healthy? Share in the comments below!


  1. Making sure I'm not "paying in vain" for my yoga membership, a whiteboard in my work out room to log my week's activities, and a calendar I use to record how often/long I walk the dogs. I've tried calorie trackers for eating, and they're super effective, but I tend to get a little obsessive so I'm not sure if they're the best thing long term for me. Once in awhile is great though, to keep myself on track.

  2. Thanks for the Paleo blog link!!! :)

    <3 Jojo

  3. Wow, thanks for sharing all this info! I'm gonna have to DL the water app!! I definitely don't drink enough!

  4. Good luck with your plans and your resolutions.


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