Thursday Favorites: My Mom

Dear Mom,

 Here I am, almost 3 weeks as a new mother. As I adjust to my new life taking care of a new life, I catch myself thinking about you a lot. I just keep thinking how amazing you are as a mother. Growing up, I always had your love embracing me no matter how much of a brat I was being. You always had my best interest at heart and you guided me through some very difficult times in my life. On top of all that hard stuff, you ALWAYS had a warm, delicious meal on the table, a clean house, and kept a full time job to provide for me and Kuya. HOW did you do all that? I stare at Baby Joaquin and just pray that I can care for him and love him like you did with me. I pray that I can build a home where my son will feel safe and surrounded by pure love. I'm trying to channel everything you ever taught me so I can be half the woman you are. You are truly a blessing to me and everyone you meet.
I have to mention that I'm also grateful for the genes you passed down to me. You not only passed the cooking, cleaning, and organizing gene to me, but you also passed on the.....hmmm what should I call it...the sexy gene! Hear me out. I have the youthful glow of a teenager and Sergio will always look like he's dating a younger gal. Score for the both of us! You also passed on the gene of bouncing back after pregnancy. 2 weeks in and I've already dropped 25 pounds. Thanks to you, my pregnancy didn't leave a trace on me. Thanks to you, I will always look young and fit. Right? :)
In all seriousness, I love you. When you see me loving my new baby, just remember that you instilled in me that ability to love. I'm perpetuating that cycle that you started. Thank you.



  1. AH! What a great post Joanna!!! So sweet of you to write a post to your Mom!

  2. awwww Love this post Atte Joanna! haha. So cute and so great to know that despite the hardships, you're doing well because of the great influences around you and the Lord's comforting love. Thank you sosooooo much for the comment because it really uplifted my soul! You're a great mom I can tell, and don't let anyone tell you any different. Also, I love the last bit you wrote about the genes! lol. It's so cool to see that you bounced right back and can't trace any signs of pregnancy. Can you give me more specifics about that? I'm so curious :P

  3. Oh, this is a really sweet post honey :), so nice of you!


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