Nursery Decorating

One of the many things I am uberexcited for during my pregnancy is decorating the nursery. Since we are not finding out the sex of our baby, everyone always asks, "How are you going to decorate the nursery? Oh, yellows and greens, huh?" First of all, green is not a neutral color in my book. That's straight BOY! Second of all, with amazing websites like Pinterest and Project Nursery, the possibilities are endless. I thought I would feel jipped not knowing the sex, but turns out I had the easiest time deciding how I want the nursery to be decorated!

When I saw this nursery, I almost cried because it's just..that...perfect. The clean lines, the color palette, the calming ambiance...someone hold me.

I want to live in this room.

The creative genius behind this beautiful room is Rebecca and I want to hire her to decorate my whole life. Just check out her other nurseries! I know this is a little bit more boy than neutral, but my plan is to take bits and pieces...ok more like chunks and handfuls, of this room and make it as neutral as possible. I love love love the pops of yellow with the blue. ::swoon::

July Nursery Goals:
-Clean out Office
--We already started cleaning out most of our office space and we are on to moving furniture out this weekend. Hubby will get a good workout since his pregnant wife is pretty much useless.
-Paint (She used #1-Dolphin Fin #2-Banana Cream #3- Tide Pools)
-Find little knick knacks for the room.
--I purchased these four pictures for the wall off of Etsy. This seller has some amazing prints! Hurry! They are having a 50% off sale!

-Choose furniture
--Searching high and low for the perfect furniture for our small space.

I'll keep you all updated!


  1. I feel like I'm living vicariously through you! This will be me and the Mr. in a year or two, and that room is ADORABLE!!! You have fabulous taste and the baby is sure to be calm and secure in that cute room.

  2. That room is AMAZING! I love it! Can't wait to see your own take on it :)

  3. OMG! That room looks perfect, I love what you did in it!

  4. That nursery really is perfect. And those prints are to die for. Love this! I hope you post pictures when you're done!!

  5. I LOVE what you are doing for your nursery!! We aren't going to find out the sex of our baby either, and we went with a warm cream and light blue (great minds think alike!) because I completely agree, GREEN is not neutral! haha
    This is going to look fantastic! beautiful :)
    and congratulations again!

  6. I'm super in love with those colors and that nursery. I doubt I could ever design a room to look as awesome, but what a great inspiration!

  7. I googled one of our nursery paint color contenders (drizzle) with the word "nursery" and the first result was your blog "nursery decorating." After reading about your nursery inspiration, I tried to scroll ahead in your blog to see what your final nursery looked like and then saw your post was dated just yesterday. How fun! I am going to add you to my reader so I can see how your nursery progresses, if that's not too weird. I'm 26 weeks pregnant and at about the same nursery planning stage as you. I adore the Etsy shop you linked to! I picked out children's books from antique stores to frame pages of for our art, but these prints are even more perfect.

  8. That's a beautiful room inspiration. I love the light bright colors! We looked at those prints from Etsy as well. The seller is super nice.

  9. i do love that nursery, it is just so precious!!

  10. I just love your nursery inspiration! The colors are so beautiful. I can't wait to see the finished version.


  11. SO CUTE.
    I love that you arent finding out the sex. You'll never have a better surprise! Unfortunately, I know I'd be wayyy too impatient lol

  12. The colors are great, and I think they are soft enough for either gender. Let me know if you need help :)

  13. I love the colors and those prints so precious!

  14. I am 25 weeks this week, and we also aren't finding out what we are having! So happy to find your blog and see that you aren't either. Love your nursery inspiration!!

  15. Your nursery inspiration is beautiful! I love the colors! How fun!


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