4th of July Treat: Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

I think all of us can agree that Pinterest is one of the greatest timesucks websites out there. I need a recipe for anything...scroll scroll pin...need fashion advice....scroll scroll pin....organizing tips...scroll scroll pin... 3 hours later you feel like a new person with new goals! I love it.

So in one of my scrolling trances I stumbled upon these adorable mini fruit tartlets. Anything miniature wins my heart because they are cuter than cute.

I made them for a beach trip and I was disappointed to discover that my miniature tart making skills are lacking. Maybe I used too much cookie for the little cup and they ended up looking like cookie muffins. Don't get me wrong, I still ate them. I am pregnant after all and I need to teach Baby V that sometimes mistakes happen.

I also taught Baby V that you gotta bounce back and roll with the punches. So, I made a cookie pizza-tart.

I busted out my tart pan, squished my store bought sugar cookie dough into it as the crust, shmeared a mix of Cool Whip and a small tub of cream cheese, and decorated it all purdy with berries.
How's that for an easy 4th of July treat? My mom also put me on baked beans duty. Anyone have any good recipes for that?

Have a great Fourth of July, friends! Eat lots, have fun, and God Bless America...seriously, God, we need it.


  1. I'm TOTALLY making the sugar cookie cake! Looks like tons more fun than my chocolate covered strawberries!!!

  2. the sugar cookie pizza looks like it turned out amazing!

  3. whoops, sent too soon. as for baked beans, i've never made em from scratch, but i'm sure you could find a recipe or two on interest! ;-)

  4. This cookie-pizza-tart goodness looks to be all kinds of delicious! What a perfect summer treat!
    Great blog! I'm your newest follower!


  5. whoa whoa babbyyyy (literally Baby V) haha! this looks soooo good! I agree that pinterest can be such an inspiration!

  6. oh that's a lovely berry tart! <3
    would you like to follow each other?

  7. LOL, you are funny! Your version sounds even better than the original.



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