My Pregnancy Must Haves!

Here are the top ten things that kept me sane for these past 5 months. Without these things, I'd be one grumpy preggo....I mean grumpier preggo.

#1-Sea-Bands (Target or any other drugstore): These not so fashionable bracelets kept my nausea at bay throughout my first trimester. Without these puppies I would be hurling all over my students during class time.

#2-What To Expect When You're Expecting ( The moment I got pregnant I wanted to buy a book and this was the first one that I KNEW I had to get. It's like the bible of pregnancy and I knew I wanted to know the truth. I read this week by week and it has kept me informed and it really does tell me what to expect.

#3-Bella-Bands (Target): During my first few weeks of pregnancy my belly was SO bloated. I thought I was showing already. It was embarrassing especially since I could no longer button my pants. This led to crying fits in my closet and jeans thrown violently throughout my bedroom. Thank GOD for these because I could still wear my regular pants comfortably.

#4-Vitamin C Candy (Target): Ok, I understand that these are not really "candy" but I popped them like they were skittles. These helped me keep my immune system strong and my nausea to a minimum. Something about citrus really calms the belly.

#5- Addidas Foam Flip Flops (TJ Maxx): As a true Californian, I live in flipflops most of the year. However, when you get pregnant, walking in flip flops is like walking with wooden planks glued to your feet. UNCOMFORTABLE! When I found these, I knew we would be best friends for life. Clouds for your feet. Really.

#6-Burt's Bee Belly Butter (Target): I use this religiously EVERY morning on my growing belly, breasts, hips, and if I have time, buh-dunka-dunk. I LOVE the feel and smell of this butter. It's great.

#7-Sierra Mist (Wherever drinks are sold): Another ally to help me with my nausea. I'm not a soda person, but the fizz really takes the edge off. So refreshing for a preggo that needs refreshing.

#8- Pregnancy Workout DVD (Target): You can't tell by my picture, but all four of these DVDs come in a pack for $14.99 at Target. It's so nice to have customized workouts for each stage of this journey. They are pretty low impact and easy on the already tired bodies of ours.

#9-Body Pillow (Target): I'm a back sleeper which is a big no- no when you're expecting. The best way to sleep is on your left side which was really hard for me at first. I really REALLY wanted a Snoogle, but at $70+ a pop, I was discouraged to buy it. I found that a regular body pillow worked well for me. I hug it to sleep and rarely roll over to my back.

#10- Belly Book ( This is such a cute book. It's a journal and album in one and documents cute things from your journey and pictures of your ever growing bump. This one fit my style.


  1. Good list! I almost purchased sea-bands at the beginning because I was as sick as a dog but decided against them after I read the mixed reviews- I'm slightly stingy! I ended up taking Zofran for a couple of weeks, then it stopped working. I lost a lot of weight due to my inability to eat anything.

    Those flip flops look amazing!

  2. I will have to keep this in mind :), in a few years I hope I will in your place :).

  3. Wow, have you been prego for 5 months already? I need to keep these things in mind for when it is my turn one day:)



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