How I'm Coping by Sonic the Dog

Three weeks ago, my life changed forever.

Days and days and days ago, I noticed something different about Mommy. She was walking differently, yelling a lot, and her front side was getting bigger and bigger. It was round, like my Kong ball.

I didn't think anything of it because it was a really nice place to rest my head. Hmmm, it sure did feel funny when it moved.

Then one day, Mommy seemed like she was in great pain. She was crying and squeezing me tight. Roh Row. We needed some help! Mommy and Daddy left that night and didn't come home for days and days and days.

Uncle Vince and Grandpa Jun did come and visit me. They walked me and fed me. It was fun! Uncle Vince even brought two mini hats for me to smell. It smelled so different. They kept telling me that "baby" was coming, whatever that is.
Then, they brought this miniture person home. I've never seen anything like it. It makes funny sounds and even funnier smells. Mommy and Daddy are carrying it around.... like they used to carry me.

This little person or "Papas" as they keep calling it, is too big to be a toy and too small for me to jump on. I'm so confused.

 One good thing about all this is the new cookies I've been getting. I've been getting yum-yums from my special jar like crazy! Mommy is even dropping more food off the dinner table when Daddy isn't looking.
Everyday, Mommy keeps saying they still love me . I'm still her "puppy kisses" she says. She even tells me that Baby loves me and when you get bigger, which I hope isn't too big, we will be best buds.

If you keep stinking up the place like I do, and keep making loud noises when you're hungry, like I do, and pee all over the place, like I do....then yes... I think we will be best buds.

But let's get one thing straight.... Mommy and Daddy were mine first!


  1. Oh, baby, oh, puppy, oh!!!
    You all look so happy and so beautiful!

  2. Oh Sonic, you have just gotten the most wonderful toy a dog could ask for. Be patient. You'll see it is worth it in the long run. For now, go steal some of his stuff...just so he knows who "the big dog" is. ;-)

  3. Ah. I think it's so great you're making a huge effort to pay attention to your fur baby...I've heard of too many friends that end up getting rid of their pets because it's too hard to handle. yay for Sonic!

  4. Super cute post! As I was reading it, I was reminded of Lady and the Tramp. :)

  5. I love this! Both of your babies are precious :).

  6. Joanna, I LOVE this post! My boys seem to be adjusting well, but I know it is such a huge change for them. I just keep hoping they know how much I still love them. :) Sounds like Sonic is doing well with the new addition too. And so lucky to have a Mama who sees things from his perspective!


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