Joaquin's Birth Story

Every mother has their birth story hell that they like to tell over and over....this is mine.

November 9, 2012

Throughout the week leading up to Joaquin's birth, I tried absolutely everything to induce my labor. It was week 40 and I was ready to see my litte Baby. I tried walking, eating pineapple, eating spicy foods, bouncing on my yoga ball, and yes, even sex. All were enjoyable, but didn't work one bit. Everyone kept telling me to be patient and to walk it out and that only made me more irritable because I was wobbling around like a fat seal. I didn't want to be pregnant anymore!

40 weeks and 3 days pregnant

7:00pm- Hubby and I decided we would go on one last date night and relish each other's company. We decided on Thai food (maybe a spicy curry would do the trick?) and movie night, Skyfall looked pretty bad ass.

At dinner, I started to feel some contractions, but I was having Braxton Hicks all week long and didn't think much of it. After dinner, they started to get a little stronger, nothing I couldn't handle, and a lot closer, about 4-6 minutes apart.

8:10pm- As we settled in our seats for the movie, the serious pains started to hit. I could barely shovel popcorn into my mouth and I knew that was a sign. I whispered to Hubs that I was going to the bathroom and would text him if we needed to leave. I spent about 20 minutes pacing the halls and sitting on the lonely benches when I finally gave Hubby the text.

"Ok, come out now."

9:00-11:30pm- My plan was to try and labor at home as long as I can. We live 5 minutes away from the hospital so I knew this was do-able. I spent the next few hours bouncing on the ball, cuddling with Sonic and my hubby, taking warm showers, and watching Mrs. Doubtfire on the tube.

12:00am-This was the point where I couldn't take it anymore. We calmly gathered our things and headed to the hospital. Turns out birthing balls don't fit in the car. We left it behind. We also called our families and they hurried over to wait for Baby to come.

They say that when you're having REAL contractions, it will take your breath away. This is true. Getting from the parking lot to Labor and Delivery took a lot of stops. Each time a contraction would hit, I'd curl up in pain and beg for Hubby to help me. These pains were no joke.

When we got to Labor and Delivery, the doctor checked me and I was only 4 cm dilated and my contractions were growing further and further apart. The pain was still fully intacted though. Nonetheless, they told me to walk around the hallway for an hour to speed things up.

2:35am- Walking helped, my body responded, and I was finally 6 cm. They finally admitted me and we crossed our fingers that everything would go quickly and smoothly.

I should've crossed my toes because from that point on, it neither went quickly nor smoothly.

4:00am- By this time, I was wailing for the epidural. It turns out contractions make you forget everything you've read about, all the Lamaze class tips, and any sort of breathing techniques. Fuck the breathing techniques! I needed the drugs. Oh GOD, I was THAT girl. I am proud for making it all the way to 7 cm without one, but that was only because it took them that long to send the anesthesiologist. Side note, the lady that put my epidural in was a complete meanie. She was impatient and rude. One rude person can ruin your whole experience. Shame.

But, her drugs kicked in and shift changes happened. I got a new anesthesiologist who was a sweetheart and a wonderful nurse and felt much better both emotionally and physically. Hubby and I managed to relax and get in a few catnaps.

6:30am-Doctor came in to check me and I was still sitting at 7 cm. He told me it wasn't good for my body to be contracting for so long without progress and advised me to let him break my water and put in an internal monitor to track my contractions better. I agreed. So much for letting things happen naturally.

8:30am- Still no change so they started me on pitocin to make my contractions closer together. By now my epidural was wearing off and I asked for them to up my dosage. I couldn't believe I was asking for MORE drugs.

For the next few hours, I went in and out of naps, talked out my feelings with my hubby, and watched him struggle as he tried to put a ponytail in my hair. It was then I realized two things, if we have a daughter and she needed him to fix her hair, she would be screwed, and I love my husband more than anything in this world. He was my rock through this whole thing. He has enough strength for the both of us and he did everything he could to make things good for me. I am nothing without him.

12:00pm- finally at 9.5 cm. It was almost time to push. Our family was in the waiting room cheering me on and I was so excited for this to be over. Oh no,'s not over yet.
Both sides and all siblings were there.
1:00pm- Time to push! Suddenly, I was so emotional and scared. I cried hystarically to Hubs and was literally shivering with fear. I was scared of the unknown. I ended up pushing for 2 hours straight. Baby would come down and go back up with each push. It was so exhausting. They could see it taking a toll on my body and upped my dosage (again) and let me rest for an hour.

3:00pm- When we started up again, the doctor finally said we needed to try something else. She tried the vaccuum. I never wanted to resort to that, but in the moment, I just wanted my baby out. It didn't work. By then, I was getting a fever and my body was not cooperating. They gave me antibiotics and rushed me to the OR for an emergency C-section. Part of me was sad that I had to get a c-section but I was happy knowing that THIS WAS IT. I was going to see my baby.

The next hour was a blur, mainly because I was drugged up. I could barely keep my eyes open and that made me sad because I wanted to be alert and awake to welcome baby into the world. We told the doctors to tell us right away if it was a boy or girl. This created quite an excited buzz with everyone and added to our surprise at the end. Hubby held my hand as I cried and then it happened, Joaquin was born. When we heard "It's a BOY!" Hubby and I cried. I've never seen Sergio cry. This was so special. He already loved his son so much. It was so emotional for the both of us.

One thing I felt sad about was the absence of the skin to skin right away. I had to wait a few minutes to even see Joaquin and that broke my heart. I didn't even get to hold him until later because I was so drugged up from the surgery. I also ended up hemorraging, which prolonged everything as well.

On the bright side, Joaquin was healthy and that's all we could ask for. He is finally here.

My recovery was definitely challenging and I'll write another post about that soon, but as of now, things are good. Getting used to being a mommy is...taking some getting used to, but I have my husband by my side and a new son to call my own. Ain't life grand?


  1. You're's not like on TV!! But it's a beautiful thing no matter how it happened. Glad you're starting to feel more like yourself Joanna. Life is good!

  2. Thanks for sharing your story, congrats on the bith of your son! God Bless you all! Madge

  3. Wow, what a birth story! Sorry it didn't go exactly as planned, but of all my friends who've given birth recently, no one's birth plan seems to go as hoped. The good news is that everyone has a beautiful, healthy baby in the end, which makes any crazy birth story worthwhile, right? =) So glad he's healthy + you're all doing well!

  4. Your story brought tears to my eyes! The love is present in every word (and pic) . We are so happy everyone is doing well and keep those pictures coming of that little guy. We can't wait to meet him!

  5. Ah! What a great birth story! I'm so glad everything turned out well, even if not everything went as planned, but you and baby Joaquin are doing great!

  6. I'm actually proud of the fact that you made the call for an epidural- I think so many healthy living bloggers out there get up on these soapboxes about natural childbirth and it's become annoying to read. I think your sense of flexibility throughout the whole process is really admirable and I think it's great that you've done what's right for you and your baby! Joaquin is so sweet and adorable and I couldn't be happier for the three of you!

  7. This both made me cry and made me feel so excited and happy! I'm thrilled for you that it all worked out and now you have a healthy beautiful baby :) I think when it comes to child birth, you did exactly what I plan to do - just go with what needs to be done and get that baby here safely!! Congratulations again!! I'm truly so happy for you!

  8. omgsh, this was such an exciting and scary read girl! :D Throughout the whole thing I could almost feel the pains, laughter from family, and sweat almost like, dripping down my face (imaginary of course) It sounds intense but I'm so glad you're okay and that Joaquin is healthy! Congratulations guys, you guys deserve this gift!

  9. What a beautiful story! I had a very similar experience with going through labor and then having to have a c-section. And those contractions are not easy - I was cringing just reading this!


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