But How Are You Going to Decorate the Nursery?

::Conversation I have AT LEAST once a day !::

Everyone and their Mama: Awww, how many months are you?

Me: 9 months

Everyone and their Mama: Wow! Is it a boy or a girl?

Me: We don't know, it's a surprise. We want to wait!

Everyone and their Mama: Oh my gosh! I would NEVER be able to do that. How are you going to buy things for the baby? How are you going to decorate the nursery? ::Usually said with disgust:: Oh, with like yellow?

Like that's a bad thing? Yellow happens to be one of my favorite colors and this challenge of decorating the nursery wasn't a challenge after all. I have to admit, at first I had the same concerns, how am I going to decorate the nursery and...baby? I soon realized that Baby V would get everything he or she NEEDS. That's what's important. I can go clothes shopping for my child for the next 18+ years, so..... what's the rush?

Our biggest challenge was finding a place in our house for Baby V. We live in a townhome and the only other bedroom is on the first floor. Our Master bedroom is on the third. I could never rest easy if I were to put the baby on a separate floor. I would have nightmares of someone breaking in to steal my precious bundle of joy. It wasn't happenin'. So, we decided to convert our Loftice, our loft/ office into the Nursery.



I got my color palette and overall inspiration for the Nursery off of ProjectNursery.com. When I started I felt the need to stay with the colors that were in the inspiration pictures, but I found that to be rather hard. So, I just went with it and hoped for the best. I think Mommy did ok. We will have to ask Baby V later.

Another challenge were these shelves! Oh, they were the thorn in my pregnant paw. We didn't want to take them down because, one, they served as storage, and two, they were REALLY hard to put up. I thought about making curtains to cover them, but then I remembered I can't sew. Damn. So, here they are in all their glory, open and exposed with my feeble attempt to make it look decent with "decorations."

We have the bins up top with diapers galore, our Bumbo, (Don't worry, we will not put baby up there forcing another recall because of bad parenting.),and in the slots we put everything from wipes to blankets to every card we got at our showers. Almost everything here, and everything in this room really, is a gift from our showers. We are blessed.
Under the shelves, we put those canvases that I painted over the summer. Since we didn't want to paint the whole wall, this was a great and inexpensive compromise.

I absolutely love our dresser. Hubby's parents gifted this to us and it is exactly what we wanted! Lots of storage, very sturdy, and low enough to double as a changing table. For now, I hung these outfits to give me strength and motivation in these last few days of pregnancy. We will soon find out if Baby V is a boy or a girl. I'm so excited!
You can bet that all of those drawers are filled with yellow duckies and giraffes. Aren't they ADORABLE!?
I have some awesomely talented friends in my life. Baby now has several quilts and blankets that were made with love. I put this one up on the wall because I felt like it matched so well with the room. This one was made by my librarian at my school. Thanks Tracy!
The crib was a gift from my parents and it is perfectly simple and sweet. The pictures up above are from Etsy, the elephant gifted from my sis-in- law Vanessa, and I need to point out the bed skirt, it's really a curtain that I folded ever so strategically to look like a crib skirt. Fun right?

Lastly, our reading corner. So colorful! I LOVE IT! The glider is from Target and the amazing quilt was handmade by one of my Bunco babes, Chris. I repainted this bookshelf and filled it with books that were Hubby's books when he was a wee one.
So there it is folks, our NEUTRAL, small, cozy, and sweet Nursery. I put a lot of time, effort, and love into this tiny space and all I need now is my Baby. I am ready for you, Baby V.


  1. I know I was one of those "everyone and their mamas" but I have to say you did an amazing job with the nursery and having the willpower to not crack and find out what baby V is. I am beyond excited for you and Sergio! You both will be amazing parents!

  2. I love it! So many special, personal touches. It's perfect! Can't wait to see if Baby V is a boy or girl :)

  3. I love it! Yellow is also one of my favorite colors...everyone thought I was crazy when I picked yellow orange and teal for my wedding colors haha :) My favorite part of this is the little reading corner. I have a feeling you and baby V will spend lots of time getting to know eachother in that glider!

  4. SO cute, I absolutely LOVE it!

  5. Omygooshhhh Joanna I can't believe it's in like, 5 days!!!! :D That's so crazy and I bet as scary as delivering can be, it's relieving to finally do it! right? And You did suuuuch a great job with the room, seriously! When I saw it i couldn't believe my eyes as it looks really clean, professional, and calming. It actually looks like it's straight out of a magazine. Sigh...I hope I can do something like that with our office, though it's the only place Greg can work in and it's like, tiny and full of stuff! lol. Love you and God bless you!!!!! <3

  6. It is just perfect! Baby V is blessed to have you for parents...now come out already! :-)

  7. OMG! The nursery is amazing, such a cute room :). You are going to be amazing parents!

  8. The nursery turned out amazing! I love the color palette + I think it's awesome that you're going to be surprised with the gender. Hope baby comes soon! =)

  9. Love it!! Great job. All the best in the next few days (or week by hopefully not!) can't wait to hear if its a boy or girl. We are 40 weeks tomorrow and still nothing on our end!

  10. That is the most adorable nursery ever! I feel like it came straight out of a magazine you did such a great job!!!

  11. The nursery is amazing! You did a wonderful job decorating it! Now all it needs is that sweet baby!

  12. How lovely! You did an amazing job. I'm so excited for you!!

  13. Love it! You'll be happy you have all that storage!! That glider is too, too cute! I've never seen that before!

  14. I love the idea of waiting for find out the baby gender (extra surprise and excitement to look forward to), and I think the nursery is SPOT ON! So perfect!

  15. I think the nursery looks so lovely! What a lucky baby! Love the color palette for girl or boy...I don't think that a girls nursery needs to be dripping with pink. I think what you've done is sophisticated and just perfect. Thinking about you and can't wait to hear the news! Hope you are feeling great!! :)

  16. HI! You did a beautiful job on your nursery! I am so glad you liked the quilt! How are you doing? We are all hoping all is well and soon you will meet baby V!

  17. You did such a good job!! I love it!!


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