Wandom Wednesday

1. I miss my pupster Sonic. He is staying with my Kuya for awhile. Our family dog Keiko is getting old now and when she's around Sonic, she seems to really perk up. My Kuya and I want her live out her life as happy as can be.
How I got this to stay in his mouth is beyond me. He usually eats anything that close to his mouth.
Me: Sebby is our baby boy!
Sebby: I'm not a baby!
Me: Then what are you?
Sebby: I'm CUTE!

3. Peek-a-blue in my Target Shoes! As happy as I am that summer is coming to an end... more specifically the hellish temperatures, I'm going to miss my bright colored nail polishes.

4. My favorite TV chef is Giada, HANDS DOWN. She's pretty, she's talented, and she's a barrel of smiles. She gained extra points on her new episode when she made Adobo, a filipino dish. I made it last week and tweeted her.. She tweeted me back :) I'd like to say that it made my year, but I think that would make me a crazy person.

5. I found an easy dinner option for wives that don't want to cook some elaborate meal. Add some pasta, veggies of your choice, olive oil, and Parmesan and you got yourself some din din.
I really miss having buku time to make fancy feast for Project Wifey Wife. Tomorrow I have plans to actually make a fun dessert...let's see if that actually takes place. ::crosses fingers::
6. Saturday is my 10 year High School Reunion. And you guessed it... in HS I was a big fat nerd. This is an embarrassing picture of me and my hs buddy. Apparently we loved taking mall pictures...and were outlaws...so says our shirts. ::WHAT THE HELL WERE WE THINKING?!::

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  1. Can you do me a favor and tell your new twitter BFF Giada that she needs to stop wearing super-cute low-cut dresses when she cooks because NO ONE WEARS THAT IN THE KITCHEN? Yay for her that she's gorgeous and skinny but she needs to cover up her boobies before she drops some hot tortellini down her shirt.

    I am done. Have a lovely time at your reunion, you outlaw you ;)

  2. post something wandom???
    Today is Nationa Peanut Day!


  3. I had the same outlaw shirt!

  4. Reunions... it must be fun :):)

    Well, I left my high school nearly four years ago and I wonder how people will look like or how they will end up after few years.


    I wonder what I will do in few years, will I be married etc etc

  5. that photo of you and your friend is fantastic! but the shirts really put it over the top! :)

  6. i am CRACKING UP at the mall pic. that is fabulous. i hope it's poster size.

  7. I am excited for you about the whole Giada thing. Your Target shoes are too cute.



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