Weekend Recap. No lie.

Ok, so I lie. This didn't technically happen over this weekend, it happened last Thursday. However, my weekend was sub par so I'm passing this off as something that happened this weekend. Is that ok with you, reader?

Some sad news first, my Nikon DIED! Ok, ok, I exaggerate... It's super broken. It's making the cool camera noise but not taking any pictures. I tried to look inside (and secretly wanted there to be a dinosaur bird in there drawing my pictures...you know... like the Flinstones? No? Just me?) But, to my disappointment, merely looking at the thing doesn't solve the problem. Woe is me.

Via Pinterest
Btw, I LOVE PINTEREST! Anyone else on it and totally obsessed?

So anyway, back to my amazing weekend. I went on a little trip to Downtown LA for their monthly Art Walk and Food Truck Festival with Hubby, his brother, and his cousins. It happens every 2nd Thursday of the month, which means I have the rest of the month to workout enough to make room for the eats. Brilliant, no?

I don't know that I could ever live in the city.. maybe if I were a single lady with 3 best friends whose names were Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha, but other than that, I would not survive. It sure is beautiful though.
While we were waiting in the horrible city traffic, I snapped some pictures of the beautiful buildings.
The food truck festival wasn't as big as it use to be. Last time we went, a baby was killed when a driver was trying to parallel park and accidentally hit the gas and jumped the curb. To divert some of the traffic, they took many of the trucks away. Such a sad story about the baby.

Nevertheless, we managed to find some delicious treats!
I opted for an amazing Grilled Cheese Truck!
Last time we went, we tried the original Grilled Cheese truck and it was a huge disappointment. Sorry to burst your bubble. I have to say that this truck was much better.

I had a Granny Style Karl B. Marx. It was SOOOOO cheesy and good. It was one of those sammies where you pull it from your mouth and a string of beautiful cheddar cheese oozes out. The bread was cooked to a perfectly buttery crisp. It was TO DIE FOR!

I also hit up the Boba Truck.

Remember, I had this OBSESSION with boba in college... this took me back to simpler days.
This was more than filling... and fulfilling.
After we fed our bellies, we tried to culture ourselves with some Art... Sometimes I just don't get it.

I guess this is what you call, live art. This "exhibit" was pretty much people dressed up as Hippos throwing plastic bags around the room. I is confused.

I did LOVE this... Facebook statuses typed on a typewritter. Genuis.

"I would like to get to know you"
Food was great. Art was great. A totally bang-a-rang weekend!

  • Are you an "exaggerator"?
  • Grilled Cheese fan?
  • Pinterest Aficionado?


  1. Oh Joanna, I lurve you. So much. You're like the older other sister that I'm totally not related to but want to be. I am an exaggerator! I make things kind of ridiculous sometimes to prove my kind of irony and oxymoronic humor. Sometimes my humor is raunchy too, but oh well. xD can't help that one haha

    I DO love grilled cheese. I adore it a'smore it! I've never see a grilled cheese truck. Where do you live again!? I need thiss and that bubble tea! <3 ahh my arteries are in yearning! D:

    Hippos. Lol.

    I don't get art either. xD

    I do have Pinterest and I just pinned that "I Haven't Exaggerated..." picture! I don't too often b/c I'm not near my home computer, but girly when I am. Shazam! I love dresses! :D my name on there is cintran

    :D have a good Tuesday, Jo!

  2. Honestly I dont think I could survive in the big city either. It's hard enough trying to live in a semi normal sized one haha. I love the Grilled Cheese truck, they're so delicious!

    I'm stopping by a couple of SoCal blogs to let you know that I'm currently giving away 2 tickets to the IE Food Truck & Brew Fest in Ontario (10/9). Giveaway ends next week so check it out if you're interested: http://bit.ly/nraJVR

  3. i am definitely an exaggerator. grilled cheese? fo sho. pinterest? getting into it...slowly. not reallky sure how to work it, haha


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