Weekend Recap: Oktoberfest,DAH.

Zige Zage Zige Zage... HOY HOY HOY!

That cheer pretty much sums up my weekend. Fun was had by all. Saturday started off by Hubby going into work.... booo work. But that allowed me to get some things done in the house, like TV watching, and nap taking, which left the night free to go to the Happiest Place in Torrance, California.....
Alpine Village! The GREATEST German town in America. (And the only one I've ever been to.)
This awesome idea wasn't ours... it was actually my parents. They wanted to go to Oktoberfest and asked us to tag along.WHAT? My parents having fun and asking US  to tag along??? Was it backwards day and I forgot to turn my clock back? Thanks, Mom and Dad!

We started our evening o' fun perusing through the German Market. OH it was beauteous! I was like a fat German kid in a Gummi Bear store.
There was meat...glorious meat....and bonus... free FULL slice samples. And kids get full size brats! NO FAIR!

There was also beautiful desserts!

And aisles full of my childhood memories. FOOD! How I wasn't a fat kid is beyond me.
Gooomy candies!
because it's ALWAYS a good time for nutella!

Funny beer! Old man to beautiful lady! May you never make that mistake in real life.
We came out of that market with five bags of memories. Sweet and savory memories.
If you'd like to come for dinner just let me know. I will throw an extra bratwurst on the grill for you!

The fun did not stop there! After our shopping escapade, we headed over to the Oktoberfest tent!

Our buddies Irish and Jo!
Inside, we filled up on brats, potatoes, massive pretzels, and of course... some beer.
I bought a little souvenir to help get me more in the German festival kinda mood. Whaddya think?
I have an obsession with aprons... I just had to!
Oktoberfest was such a blast! Good friends and family....
(I love how all the parents are playing it safe with the CocaCola.)

Yet, even though my mom played it safe with the soda, somehow she still managed to get crazy enough to stick dollar bills into some German guy's pantalones. I don't know whether I should be embarrassed or proud!
I'll go with proud. We should go to Chipendales, mom. You'd like it there!
We had such a grand ol' time!

Zige Zage Zige Zage...HOY HOY HOY!

  • How was your weekend?
  • Have you ever been to an Oktoberfest celebration?


  1. Such a freaking blast!! We'll have to go back to Germany one day and see how they really get down. I didn't see the Hanutas.. I think I'll grab some when we go back.

  2. This looks like the perfect day for me! The shopping alone is amazing...I miss my German treats!!
    oh! and I love that apron!

  3. I've been seeing this Nutella & Go! a lot, but we don't have it here.
    Tell me, how it is?

  4. That apron is fab and your mom is legit :)
    Your food collection looks so naughty and fun!


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