Teacher Talk Tuesday: Decor and Damon

The first day of school is next Monday.
We all know little kids get ready for school in the same fashion as most of us did growing up... buy new clothes, new kicks, a new Jansport backpack, a cute new lunch box, school supplies, 25 different Hello Kitty erasers that you won't use because they are too cute...no? just me? But how to teacher's get ready for school?

WE WORK! And to make matters worse... they don't pay us for any of this prep time. NADA! They give us only ONE paid day to come in and set up but that day is also filled with Staff meetings.

Why do we subject ourselves to this madness? My friend Matt will tell you how it is....

Money is not my motivation for teaching... it's TEACHING.

A week or two before the school year begins, you can find teachers cleaning their classrooms, putting up paper and posters on the walls, organizing materials, and putting books in their new homes. What, you thought classroom fairies did that for us? I wish!

Because I was involuntarily transferred again (via budget cuts) I had a whole lotta moving to do.

Trip# 3 of 5 I have to make with my materials
My poor lil' Rav...he is tired. And so is my back. 

Unfortunately, the teacher who was in the room before me left a lot of stuff packed into the cupboards. Guess who had to clean that out? Luckily there were some much needed materials that I didn't have to buy.
After almost a week of cleaning, organizing, and getting my new materials, this is all I have to show for... a few bulletin boards and clean cupboards. Lord, help me.

I'll show you the finished classroom when I'm finished.

Truth be told, I'm still a kid at heart though. I can't wait to wear my new comfy kicks...

The teacher Mary Janes
And carry my cute new lunch bag!

And best believe I've been building my new teacher wardrobe!

  • What do you remember about getting ready for your "First Day of School"?
  • What kind of backpack did you have?


  1. Jansport all the way! Oh, and a Trapper Keeper too! I did the same thing with erasers too. I had a collection that was never used. They eventually went in my treasure box at school.

  2. I love your kicks!! and you lunch bag is pretty awesome too!

  3. I so remember that nervous/excited feeling on the first day of school. Even through college..haha.

    And Jansport all the way. =)

  4. I'm loving those shoes!! PS Jansport for me and Five Star 5 subject note books - can't go any other way for me! :)

  5. cute shoes!!

    You're amazing for what you do and the lessons you teach those kiddos. GOOD luck :)

  6. I love your shoes!!!

    you're amazing for what you do--and all that you teach those kiddos. GO you :) And good luck!

  7. haha wow Matt Damon is pretty admirable for understanding teachers' hearts. ;)

    Dang, this sound sooo hard but God must be so proud of you for persevering!! Does anyone help ya?

  8. This year was my first with school in 18 years, and I have to say I don't miss it one bit. All that I miss the shopping before the beginning of a new year.

  9. Oh, yes, the Jansport era. I also remember Trapper Keeper's! Good luck next week! Novi misses you!

  10. Your room looks so cute! And I love those shoes. Next week is my week to put my room together. It seems like I just left!



  11. LOL! "Maybe you're a shitty camera man, I don't know!"

    My dad SWEARS by L.L.Bean because everything is guaranteed for life, So I had the SAME L.L.Bean backpack my entire career, AND I went to Catholic School during the fun years and shoes that light up are"the devil". Damn nuns.....

    But I made up for it in college when I could have any color paper, pen or binder I wanted. Wooo!!


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