Project Wifey Wife Back in Action

Ok, let me explain myself. I've been busy. Like, really, really busy. Not my "I'm really on the couch and taking a nap" busy, but "I've been doing things" busy. I guess turning 28 comes with responsibilities. Why was I not informed of this? Who do I complain to?

I'm sad to report that my summer vacation has come to an end. I lived, I laughed, I was the best summer of my life. Sike. It was a good summer though, filled with food, friends, pool time, and a grand total of ONE beach trip. I can't complain. I feel well rested. I start back at school this Friday... EEKS! So much to do still!

This week I moved into my new classroom, put up my bulletin boards, and got my curriculum. More on that next week. I also hosted my first Pampered Chef Party with my favorite PTA mom, Minda. More on that when I get my order in. Holy checkbooks! I got $300 worth of free stuff!! Can't waaaait to show you! I had to really whip the house into shape because I was expecting about 20 family members and friends to come!!

I need to snuggle back into my routine of cooking, bloggin, living, and being a productive member of society again. So, here I give to you the easiest recipe that I made this summer. I literally threw it together in no time at all! You're welcome. Hubby went bonkers for this one!

Project Wifey Wife Week #19: The Savory
Breaded Lemon Curry Chicken

4-5 chicken breasts (no skin)
2-3 cups of breadcrumbs
2 whisked eggs
1 Tbs of curry powder
2 Tsp of salt
2 Tbs of Olive oil
juice of one lemon (use to your liking)

About 5-7 minutes on each side depending on thickness

I paired it with coconut rice and some veggies. HOLY MOLY! Delicious.

If you've never tried curry, I encourage you to step out of your comfort box and try it. It's not as powerful as you may think it is. C'mon now!

  • Are you a curry fan?
  • I missed you.


  1. This looks amazing. I wish I could smell it through the computer. I love curry. On a totally unrelated note, husband was making home fries and grabbed the curry (he thought it was cumin) and sprinkled a bit on. It made the best home fries ever!!


  2. Wow that lemon curry chicken looks YUM! I'm totally going to try this when I have time. Thanks!

  3. oh, i certainly love curry. I use it on potatoes the most. I bet I could totally use your recipe with tofu. divine!

  4. I totes missed you, Joanna!!!!

    I'm glad you've been busy...kind of, maybe. Lol. xD busy is good but also time-consuming!

    Good luck with school starting on Friday! That's so soon! Best wishes and great run on ur dailymile below! It's ok to walk if it's pipin' hot!

  5. I've only recently started to appreciate the flavor of curry -- especially sprinkled over roasted cauliflower!
    And what is this coconut rice you speak of?!
    P.S. I missed you too. haha ;)


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