Red, White, and Blue in the Face

This weekend (and every other weekend) I do this thing where I let everything about myself go on rest mode. I sleep in, I don't do any hardcore cleaning, and I pretend that calories are some made-up lie that the devil created to make us unhappy. I eat to my little tummy's content...well... I eat until my little tummy is about to throw up my insides. ::le sigh::

I love food. I hate food. I love food. I hate food.

This weekend I over did it. I didn't think you could feel DRUNK off of food, but leave it to me to get NOM NOM WASTED! I saw, I ate, I conquered and now I feel like that little hussy doing the walk of shame home at 8 in the morning, hair a-frazzled, feeling regret, guilt, and like a food whore.

Here's what I remember before I blacked out from my self-induced food binge.

I am ashamed. (I didn't eat this all in one sitting, btw)

But the good thing about this thing we call life, is that we have more days that the Lord has blessed us with, to recoup and repent.

Here is what I do to make up for a food filled weekend:
1. Forgive myself and move on. Can't feel sorry for myself for too long or I will eat myself into a depression. No lie. I'm an emotional eater.

2. Plan for the days ahead. I sit down with my planner and stuff each day silly with fruits and vegetables and things that will make my body happy and healthy. I plan each meal to the very last morsel so I will be less likely to stray.

3. Workout. UGH! Boy do I hate working out when I feel guilty. I cried this morning when Jillian on the DVD yelled at me. I must work off the bad food vibes that I put in my body!

4. Load up on Green Monsters. Spinach is a super food that can help your body recover!

5. No punishment. I don't believe in self-abuse. I'm not going to deprive myself of anything. Eat in moderation. We all know exactly what we need to do to make our bodies strong and healthy. Do your best.

Let's hope for a healthy week. I hope I don't have a hangover.

  • Tell me one thing you do to recover from eating WAY too much.
  • Tell me one of your yummy guilty pleasures.


  1. Load up on Green Monsters...I don't have any room. I killed the holiday foods. There were no prisoners I ate them.

    Workouts are a good idea. I'm in.

  2. gasp! so you mean to say calories ARENT some made up lie??

  3. All of that food made me salivate.

    I think we're food buddies at soul, Joanna, because I feel the same way! I don't deprive myself because I am an emotional eater. I'll eat that fudge if I wanna...I just realize that I have to be careful with what I eat because my diet adversely affects my running. And I love that greenmonsters thing! :D I will try that soon!

    Hmm...if I over-indulged too much, I drink lots of water. I don't have a detox thing, but water does help me get over the heavy feeling of so much food!!

    And one of my guilty pleasures is having multiple helpings of any Vietnamese dish my mum makes! I need to learn how to cook from her because this "commuter-college business so I eat anything because I'm driving all the time" thing is gonna end soon and I don't work well with starvation! xD lol!!

  4. I use mostly your tricks to feel better! Just getting back on track and getting in a good workout usually makes me feel tons better.

  5. How do I get my hands on that Red Velvet Ding Dong?!? :)
    I did a hot yoga class last night and it felt so good to sweat it out.
    Thanks for the nice comment on my post about my 1/2 marathon, so sweet.

  6. That Red Velvet Ding Dong looks awesome- where???

    When I have a bad day I generally have another. And then I get better. It's a bad cycle. When I do feel like I overindulge I drink tons of water and just try to do better the next day.

  7. I can't blame you for eating any of those foods... they all look amazing! And don't be too hard on yourself. I believe that a cupcake every once in a while ins't bad at all. In fact, I definitely have to eat at least one sweet thing a day.

  8. i love your ideas! And all that freak'n awesome looking food you had! i think the green monsters are a great idea! im' trying my hardest to work with my eats from this weekend but it's not going well...hrmph.

  9. the "moving on" part is the most important to me

  10. I love your last thing on your list - no punishment! That's my biggest thing... just jump back on the bandwagon the next day (so to speak)! It's not realistic to think we will eat perfectly every day. Green monsters are one of my favorite "reset" foods as well. :)

  11. I feel your pain, friend! I just try not to dwell on what I've done, but instead try to focus on what I will do on the next day forward!

  12. I do my best not to look back at the pint of superman ice cream I inhaled. The next day I drink my green tea and move on :). Sometimes food days happen and I think that it's okay as long as it's not an everyday thing!

    Eat, be happy.. just don't eat to be happy!

  13. Hi! Thanks for your comment on my blog!! =) And good luck with your running- can't wait to read about it!

    The one thing I do when my diet slips is I try to drink as much water as I can. It's probably psychological, but I feel like it cleanses my body.


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