Part II: Stuffing My Face in Solvang

Contrary to popular belief, I did not go to Europe for the weekend. Unfortunately, I do not live the life of a rich person. It's ok... I am rich in love, life, and food. ::cue the strings:: I traveled 3 1/2 hours North to Solvang, California and I STUFFED my mouth hole with sweets of all kinds, meats of all kinds, and I threw in some vegetables  for good measure. Here are just a few things we did up in this little Danish town.
We arrived at our Hotel on Friday night. It was very simple and IKEA-ish, with a dash of a Hostel sort of feel. Sure, I wanted to slap myself for not booking a hotel, say, with amenities and a room a bit bigger so that doo-doo smells wouldn't attack the WHOLE hotel room when someone is in the toilet room, or a place that offers more than two pillows. But hey, it was decent enough for showering, sleeping, and other bed activities.
The best part of the hotel was that it came with complementary bikes...
We rode them with pride around the town, showing off our Danish filled guts.
And the other great thing about our Hotel was that it was a matter of steps to the best eatery in Solvang. That's not just my opinion, that's a FACT! Look it up on Wikipedia in about an hour.
Their Danish pancakes were LEGENDARY!! The service was impeccable, the line was out the door, the place was clean, and the bacon was thick as fruit leather. If those aren't true stamps to a good place, I don't know what to tell you.

After we ate the best meals of our lives, we moseyed on over to spend about a good hour in this odd spot.
This store reminded me of my childhood in Germany. I had a wonderful nostalgic feeling and I didn't want to leave. Good thing Hubby kept himself busy by finding the only pair of Boobie Stein glasses in the store.
And, the lady at the counter thought we were billionaires and kept trying to sell us one of these $500 clocks. She should've looked at our Hamlet Inn bikes.

The rest of the trip consisted of food... because that was my main goal after gain a ridiculous amount of weight in my buttocks area.
I ate real food, too.
 Day two, we rode our bikes again. Do you think a few hours pedaling cancels out all this food?
Don't worry, I was in fact wearing shorts under my dress. I don't know how the Danes feel about Hello Kitty Chonies and I wasn't about to find out.

Back to the eats...
Chipmunk Cheeks courtesy of all the sweets....glorious glorious sweets. 

And lastly, I searched for my childhood fav, Weinershnizel. It was sadly a disappointment. Not as good as I remembered it. The little fat girl inside me wept. 
While in my food depression, Hubby enjoyed his AMAZING Chicken Fried Steak.
I gave him puppy dog eyes the WHOLE meal and all he gave me was a measly 4 bites! Can you believe that? And he vowed to be with me through good times and bad.... pshhh.... lies. (Love you, Hubs!)

It was the best birthday I've had all year. wait... yeah... best one.

  • How was your weekend?


  1. Looks so fun, delicious, and cute! So jealous!!

  2. I have been bugging husband to drive down there for a weekend getaway. Now, I really, REALLY want to go. And eat! Looks like you had a great time:)


  3. Sounds like a fun time! I love that bikes came with your little hotel! And you looked so cute in your outfits riding the bike!

  4. "Other bed activities?" My, my, my, I'd say this blog is now rated PG-13.

    Glad you had fun! Now I want to go!

  5. "other bed activities" - LOL!!!! You funny lady!

    and one day I have to got to dad went there years ago and bought me a shirt..that's the closest i've ever gotten!

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun. And those chocolates and pancakes look sooooo delicious!

  7. Aaaahhh!!! omgshhh Solvang is amazingly beautiful and fun and cute!! I've always heard of it and it just seems surreal :D Can't wait to go someday, and my dad and I always talk about someday going to Denmark and that whole area in Europe, together. Missed you girl! <33

  8. Your hotel is too cute! When I look at your pictures I miss Solvang, but I miss the food the most! Glad you guys liked Paula's Pancake House. :)

  9. GREAT blog! it is so interesting and inspirational! if you get the chance to check out mine, I would love to see what you think of it!:)

    follow me?


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