Wandom Wednesday: Winter Recess

1. This week I'm playing Stay at Home Mommy. I am off for a whole week thanks to all the Presidents days. My only goal this week is to make this kid laugh. He's almost giggling and by golly I want to be the one that makes him laugh first. My voice is permanently 15 octaves higher than it used to be and I've invented noises using my throat I never knew existed. Something I do is bound to be funny.

2. It was my husband's 31st birthday last week and all he wanted for his dia especial was to have a date night at Ooka. We asked my parents to babysit and of course they said yes. I felt a little guilty leaving Joaquin so soon but Mommy and Daddy time was very much needed. I was so excited to finally have time with my hubs, sushi, and some wine. Is it just me or does wine taste better when you're a mom?

3. My Nike Fuel Band is magic. It mocks me with it's flashing lights and reminds me to move my butt or I'll be wearing these maternity jeans for-evah. Damn, Fuel Band...why you gotta be so hurtful?
4. I went to the TOMS Sample Sale this past weekend and all I can say is that I wish my feet were a size 10. I went with my buddy Christine, who is in fact a size 10 and while I was only able to find 2 pairs that I actually liked, she was able to find about a million. Did I mention we stood in line for 3 and a half hours? And did I mention that classics were only $20? Why must everyone at the sample sale have a 7 1/2-8 size shoe? WHY!?
At least I scored some cute shoes for my little guy.
5. I'm facing a dilemma. A hair dilemma. Long hair vs. Short hair. I can't decide if I should grow it long or chop it off. Either way, something needs to happen NOW because I can't stand my hair. Growing your hair out is the pits and cutting it will only set me back in that process. What to do? What to do?

These are the many issue I face while on vacation. My zombie mommy brain is delirious.


  1. My Fuel Band mocks me more because I only wear it sometimes. Yup. I'm a sneak. TOMS FOR $20?! You're are ADORABLE I've never seen those styles! Hair: I love the middle picture, it's super chic Jennifer Aniston but also super functional.

  2. Heck yeah for big feet! Haha! I'm very intrigued by the band, by the way. Does it plug into your computer and give you fun charts and graphs?

  3. oh that first picture is adorable!

  4. haha we are in the same boat! Lilly is so freaking close to giggling, all I do now is make the most random faces and weirdest sounds in hopes of bringing out that sweet giggle :)
    Your little man gets more handsome everyday!

  5. okay, can he be any cuter when he smiles? i would be doing my best to make him laugh also. good job going on a date! you need to do it and it makes you better parents! keep it up!

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