Three Months with Baby Joaquin

My son is the cutest. Sometimes I just stare at him and smell his little face for hours. It smells like love...pure love. Why do babies smell so damn good? That's what I'd like to know.

Baby Joaquin is now 3 months old. They say that this is the end of his "4th trimester." Well, he might as well just move out to college now. He doesn't even need me anymore...::sniffle sniffle:: I feel like he's just growing so fast. I'm probably going to say that in every post, but it's so true. Time flies when you're having a good time, I guess.

I have to brag and say that Joaquin is the best baby. He has a cool dude type of personality, always chill to the max. He only cries when he wants food...just like mommy. He sleeps 6-7 hours at night, wakes up to eat, then falls back asleep....sounds like a good plan to me. I might keep some cookies by my bed for myself. He melts my heart with every smile....even when he throws up all over me at 4 in the morning. And he is just getting more adorable each minute of the day. I swear, every time he wakes up from his naps, The Cute Machine adds more cute to his tiny wittle face.

Ok, now for the not so cute stuff....his shit smells worse than ever. He drools all over my back before I go to work and I don't realize it until I see a dried up milk stain mid-way through the day.
He clawed me in the And the weight of his hard head feels awesome when he slams it against my nose.

God, I love that kid. I would live this way everyday just to have him stay this small forever.

Really, I don't mind any of those things. Small price to pay for this amazing baby. The one thing I'm not loving this month is his baby eczema. His face is so dry, red, and cracked. I feel so bad when he rubs it as he tries to itch himself. Poor guy. I've been using Aveeno products, giving him short lukewarm baths every 2 days, and I keep it moisturized throughout the day.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
In other news, he had his first run in with a fountain. Little man is hooked. He loves this humongo fountain in Downtown LA! We are just having so much fun bringing him around.



As for myself, I'm doing good. Physically, I can fit into most of my pre-pregnancy pants. Just in time, too because I ripped the elastic off my maternity pants trying to pull them on. Whoops. I also found more stretch marks on my body that I never knew existed. Scary how those things just pop out of nowhere. I think I had them when my belly stretched but since I couldn't see anything passed my basketball of a belly, I never saw them.Those sneaky little suckers.

 Mentally, I feel pretty good, less stressed and a lot calmer. Ladies and Gents, the hormones have left the building. I'm even starting to shift my attention back to being a wife and a mother instead of just a mother. Hubby is glad that I'm not a complete biotch, 24/7. Sleep wise, I'm living off of coffee (My Keurig is my lover) and the lady at Starbucks greets me by name. Even though Joaquin only wakes up once, it is still so hard. I'm zombie-ing my way through my work day. I am still working hard for my students but honestly, it takes a lot more brain power to successfully teach a lesson. 5 more weeks until Spring Break. 5 more weeks until Spring Break.

I have my amazing son, my patient husband, my K-cup and Starbucks Gold card, and my health. I can definitely make it to Spring Break..... 5...more...weeks.


  1. And he really is THAT cute! And good! So much so that I'd actually babysit.

  2. Gah, he is SO cute! It's so hard to believe that over 3 months has already passed - I remember when you just announced your pregnancy on your blog. Time fliiiies!

  3. I LOVE him! his little tummy in that fountain pic is so cute! P is pretty much sleeping all night, but I still feel exhausted some days. It's hard! not to discourage you, but I can totally relate. you're doing awesome mama!


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