Wandom Wednesdays: Spanish Love Song

1. I'm going to learn how to speak Spanish....again. I took the obligatory Spanish classes in both high school and college, but only a few words hang tough in that little Spanish village in my brain. Un Poquito. I panic when my husband leaves me alone with his Grandma. I look like a ciervo caught in the headlights. I've promised her that I would learn so we can talk about more than just how we are doing. That was about 5 years ago.  So, for the next few months Rosetta Stone and I will be BFFs...or worst enemies. We'll see.

2. All week I've had dreams about surviving post-apocalyptic times. Scary. Maybe it's because I've been watching nothing but The Walking Dead. That is the best damn show as far as I'm concerned. Zombies AND a show with a good cast, good script, and good character development. Bravo, AMC! I've also learned quite a bit about surviving the Zombie Apocalypse, like, run fast, always go for the head, make sure they are ka-put before breathing that sigh of reliefdon't get pregnant, and of course, learn to use a bow and arrow. Team Daryl all the way!


3. In Joaquin News, he can now roll over. This is something I've very happy about but it makes changing diapers impossible. All he wants to do is practice rolling over. Poop... all... over the place. I need to learn to be quicker with the wipes. He has also met his toes finally. Can you imagine finding something on your body so amazing that you can't stop playing with it? I hear one day he'll find his wee-wee and...well... I'll let daddy deal with that.


  1. Haha good luck with the espanol and the wiggly baby! :)

  2. Your last line about finding his wee wee is so funny!

  3. Awww Joaquin is SO precious! I love that full head of hair. And it's so cute that he's found his toes...smart little fella :). Your dreams sound scary! I haven't watched the walking dead but I've heard it's awesome.

  4. Awww I bet it's so exciting seeing Joaquin discover all these things that WE TAKE FOR GRANTED! and your spanish story totally made me giggle b/c it reminds me of Greg's story with my parents. He just has to find the time to learn Korean, and I unfortunately am not a good language teacher despite my love for them and somewhat of a talent of learning them. :( Are you guys planning on teaching Joaquin as much of your native languages as possible? I think babies and kids speaking like, 3+ languages is soooo cute! :D

  5. your little man is so handsome!! He is so strong too, look at him rock that bumbo chair!
    i am glad to see that you guys are all doing so well! he is so freaking cute :)

  6. I hate to tell you....that diaper changing stuff does not get any easier. I seriously have to strong arm P to get her diaper on...or at least on her booty!


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