Wandom Wednesday: Addictions

1. There needs to be an Instagram Anonymous and I need to be the president. I am on that thing way too much for someone who has a job and a LIFE! I posted 6 times yesterday and feel embarrassed about it. Like, who the hell am I for showing you what I'm eating, wearing, thinking, or pooping? Oprah?
2. I am also addicted to games on my iPhone. Brizzle, Bejewled, Temple Run, Bakery Story, Words with Friends... I'm all over that like brown on brown rice. Send help immediately.

3. On that note, I am finally winning at a game of Words with Friends. This never happens to me. Sadly, people think I'm going to blow them out of the water because I'm a teacher, but I actually suck at Scrabble. It's because I'm impulsive and don't think about my words before I throw 'em down.

Case in point, yesterday I threw down HOES because I thought it was funny. After I pressed SEND and laughed my head off, I realized I could've put SHOES. I is stupid.

4. I'm also addicted to these. Boston Cream Pies My friend Christine had me over for dinner and she made these for dessert. I think she's trying to sabotage my exercise plan. Thanks, Christine. Some friend you  are.
via Annie Eats

5. I want to write another Wandom, but I have to check my Instagram and lose more Words with Friends games. Toodles.  


  1. bahaha! i think the throwing down of hoes is funny, even if shoes would've been worth more points. made me giggle!

  2. I already want to make more. Stupid Pinterest and all those dessert recipes.

  3. Fellow Instagram addict here. Except my profile is private so no one knows about my boring life. Bahahaha! Actually, I keep it private because all my upcoming blog photos are on there and I don't want to spoil the fun. Oh, and because I'm broke as a joke and can't afford a nice camera. ;-)

  4. i just downloaded like 5 new apps the other day! loving my iphone!! Happy I came across your blog. super cute!

    Classic & Bubbly

  5. I have a crazy obsession with Instagram and Words with Friends!!! They are serious time suckers! Love your round up :)

  6. No iPhone here :), just my Mac and iPod :).

  7. What's your Words for Friends name? I'll find you! Those Boston Cream Pies look delish!

  8. LOL, I have a serious Instagram addiction too. It is a great way to share things that nobody probably ares about with no one in particular.

    I also love Boston Cream pies. I made one for the blog recently, and it was fabulous:)



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