Those Crazy Kids

This weekend I was lucky enough to spend time with this face.
We celebrated my nephew Sebby's 4th birthday. My my how time flies. It was only yesterday that I was pinching these little chipmunk cheeks.
(It looks like hubby doesn't have fingers, but I assure you he does have all 10.)

Now, this growing cherub can talk in complete sentences, count higher than some of my first graders ever could, and has my dad's iPhone password memorized so he can access the camera and take a gratuitous amount of pictures of our feet and nose hairs. Next thing you know he'll be graduating from college and becoming President of the United States. ::le sigh::

For his birthday, I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to dip these balls in chocolate. So difficult! Any tips on how to get them to stop falling off the damn stick would be greatly appreciated.

Since his birthday was pirate themed, I attempted these guys. They kinda sorta look like pirates, right?
After we scarfed down cake and chocolate balls, Sebby hired me as his personal Nerf Gun reloader. His muscles are too weak to reload the Nerf gun, so I spent a good hour doing it for him... and then doing it again and again and again. I cherish these moments because one day, he will be a teenager who will not need my help on little things like this. ::double le sigh::

On a different note, wouldn't that be nice if the biggest problem in your day was having to reload darts back into your Nerf Gun? I will trade that in for getting up at 5:30 for work ANYDAY!

Last week, I let my students write their 2012 resolutions. They are definitely living the simple life. I am jelly. I want to stress about these kinds of things instead of adult things like making sure to scrub the tub once a week. I can never remember.

I let them choose their own fonts. This kid felt a little Ol' School. He's kickin' it Gothic Style.

Instead of running a 10K, I will be changing it to "Eating Hot Cheetos ZERO times a year, instead of once a year." Those things are deadly. Not just for your tummy, but for the skin of your fingertips and everything around you that is white.

Oh, those Crazy Crazy Kids.


  1. The Hot Cheetos resolution is definitely my favorite -- so cute. And those cake pops look good to me! I've heard they're difficult to make though.

  2. I made cake pops as my Christmas goodies this year. After 2 parties and 2 family get-togethers, I got really good at. After rolling the cake ball, I refrigerated them for an hour or so. Then, I dipped the stick in chocolate and stabbed those suckers. Then a refrigerated again for another hourish. The chocolate on the stick helps keep to keep it in. :)

  3. Your cake balls turned out really cute! When I make cake pops, I put the cake balls in the freezer until they hardened. Then, I melted some chocolate, dipped the sticks in the chocolate and stuck them in the hardened cake ball. Then, back into the freezer they went. When it came time to dip the cake pops, I only took a few out of the freezer at a time so the rest of them stayed hard. I love your kids cute!
    ~Tonia @TheGunnySack

  4. I love the cute pirate pops! I also have to confess to eating Hot Cheetos. My favorite chips are Flamin' Hot Munchies. They are so good.

  5. I think you did a great job on the pirates! did you dip the sticks in the chocolate? and I throw them in the freezer and only take a few out at once, so they are super cold when I dip them!

  6. He is so cute, I love that face. Look at that face :).

  7. Sooooo cute! And I love those pirate cake balls(?)!

  8. Cake pops look great toots!! I can't believe how old Sebby is getting!!


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