January 2014 Favorites

Month one down. It flew by and now we are on to the next. I feel like I didn't have many favorites this month because I feel like it went too too fast. Nonetheless, a few things still caught my attention.

I've been quite disappointed with this final season because I feel like they're dragging their feet. I like the episodes but not for the final season. They are entertaining but I wish they would keep on the path of meeting the mother. This last episode though.... THAT makes my favorite for the month. Can we talk about the mother's rendition on La Vie En Rose? We bought my sister in law a ukulele because she fell in love with this rendition and I will ask her to replay that song for me at each meeting. I also put in my early birthday request for a ukulele and I hope to one day play this song as beautifully as this chick.

On that note, if you're a fan, have you heard of the theory that the mother dies in the end? I thought it was ridiculous until I really sat and thought about it. It's starting to sound pretty likely. What do you think?

2. NPR's Snap Judgment Podcast

OBSESSED. I feel like an old person listening to talk radio because I grew up thinking that all the hip young folk listen to catchy music on the radio. Then I grew up and discovered that a lot of music on the radio sucks. So, hello talk radio. This podcast is your afternoon story hour of real people recounting amazing things that have happened to them. In the background, music and sound effects couple the words oh so perfectly. I can't get enough.

3. Poutines

I had the second Poutine in all my life. Then I thought, "Wow. I'm way behind on my Poutine quota." This stuff is magically delicious. If you don't know what  Poutine is, it's basically a Canadian dish that layers French fries, gravy, and cheese curds. You had me at French fries. As you read that, you either cringed or became curious and as I typed that I cringed a bit. It doesn't sound good but holy hell it IS good.

That's pretty much all that resonated with me in January. Let's hope for my exciting things in February!

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