Drizzles of Sunshine

1. House hunting. Does it make you cringe like it does for me? I think I live in one of the most expensive states in the  country which doesn't help my distaste for hunting. I just want something turn key ready, brand new, and next door to an A list celebrity. Is that too much to ask for?

2. I am addicted to Starbucks and I'm embarrassed about it. I used to think it was cute that they knew my name but now I feel like they think I'm a lazy bum that can't make her own damn coffee. But one thing's for sure, they still don't know how to spell my name right so that must mean I don't go there too too much, right? I'm safe for now. 

3. I'm backed up with my magazine reading. They keep coming in the mail and I have no time to catch up. If I can't peruse through a magazine, what does this say about my time management skill? I miss you, magazines. 

4. I've reached a dreaded phase in parenting: hitting. When Joaquin is mad he starts to hit me... in my face. I know this is caused by his inability to communicate his frustrations but what is a loving mother to do? Spank? Yell? Cry? So far I've just begged and pleaded with the kid. I know I have to nip it in the bud but is said bud too young? Must. Not. Google. Anymore... Advice appreciated. 

5. I am proud to say I have dramatically cut down on carbs. It's been hard because rice has been such a staple in my existence but I've overcome the urge to eat it with everything. Sweet potatoes and cauliflower have set up shop in my fridge and I have never felt better. Now if I could only give up chocolate. 


  1. I'm behind on my magazines too! My sister used to "flick" her kids hand and use "No!" in a stern voice when they'd hit. Hug them if they'd cry etc. Parenting is hard! Do what's right for you!

  2. Meh, we have started seeing a Realtor and a lender and sometimes after our appointments my stomach just turns thinking of everything that could go wrong lol. It will be so worth it, but grown-up stuff stresses me out!


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