Sore Throat Remedies

Dammit! The sore throat monster has struck again. It creeped up on me Thursday afternoon and made my Friday just unbearable. So annoying, Mr. Monster. What's even more annoying is that sore throats often aggravate my Asthma causing middle of the night cough wars where hubby wakes up in a panic to find my inhaler. No bueno.

When I couldn't take my scratchy throat any longer(10 minutes is just way too long!), I did what any modern day woman would do, I Googled it. More specifically, I Googled "sore throat cures."
Then, I tried the ones that didn't seem too disgusting. I also looked for ones that were fast acting and not too fussy, read: I'm not salt water gargling every two hours. I ain't got time for that.

Here's what worked for me:

- Advil. Now, I'm not a medicine taker. I try my best to do without pills mostly because I'm a scaredy cat. In this case, I just didn't want my sore throat to turn into a full on cold. Nah uh, not with a baby in tow. So, I read that Advil or Aleve helps ease the swelling, thus helping with the scratchy feeling. Worked almost instantly for me. It definitely helped ease my throat.

- Apple Cider Cocktail.
Beware, this smells like stinky feet. Hubby won't even let me sit near him when I'm downing it. It's worth it though because this shortened the duration of my soon-to-be cold. I'm typing this on Sunday night and I feel so much better!
-1-2 Tbs. of Raw Organic Apple Cider vinegar.
- 1 tsp. of honey
-1 cup of water

Mix and microwave cocktail until warm. Some people have reported how disgusting it is but I taste mostly honey. It was easy for me to down every night before bed.

- water water water. Down as much as you can. Flush those bad cooties out.

I'm hoping by tomorrow Mr. Sore Throat Monster will be completely gone. Just in case, I will be downing just one more stinky feet cocktail.

What sore throat remedies do you swear by?


  1. I know it's weird, but orange juice mixed with diet sprite feels so good on a sore throat, plus the extra vitamin C is a plus. There's this cold medicine I found right before fall conferences that was like legal crack- it eliminated my sore throat and crappy feelings and made me so wound up it was all I could to do contain myself.

  2. Ugh, getting sick is the absolute worst!! I hope you feel better soon. When I feel a cold coming on, I start downing Emergen-C like it is my job.


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