Drizzles of Sunshine: Calm Mama

1. I went to my first Quincenera. For those of you who don't know, a Quincenera is a big celebration of a young girl crossing over into womanhood. It is similar to a wedding because there is a huge white dress involved as well as a reception with food and booze. It's a grand ol' time for everyone.
However, my night-o-fun came to a halt when Hubby's crazy uncle decided to give little Joaquin a few bites of spanish rice. Mind you, Joaquin isn't eating solids yet. Luckily, the kind women at his table quickly alerted me and I proceeded to, grit my teeth, scoop up my baby and take him away while trying to hide my desire to throw a taquito at the Uncle's face. Composure is the key when with the in-laws.

2. It's the last month of school. Double sighs of relief for the end of testing season and for the end of a very long year. I used to think this season was the easiest but not anymore. Spring Fever has hit my school harder than a hurricane in Florida. The middle schoolers have grown their attitudes and are not afraid to tell me that they don't want to work anymore. The hormonally charged couples are all over campus, awkwardly clasping hands as a huddle of laughing hyenas friends follow behind them. I couldn't be more annoyed. 17 days left and I'm home free!

3. This Sunday will be my first Mother's Day as a mother. I'm very excited. Hubby keeps whispering to Joaquin "Don't tell Mama the secret." Then, they both laugh their heads off. This is both crazy cute and annoying as hell. I hate surprises. This ish better be good.

4. I cut my hair. When I tell people that I feel like Elle's friend on Legally Blonde that tells her "I got bangs!!" I just thought I'd inform you of this shocking development.

5. Sonic hates his life. I feel so bad. I've been trying to give him extra snuggles but it's hard to do that when I'm holding Joaquin, since he hates Joaquin's guts. Anyone know how to make a doggie feel loved? Sonic loves treats and I think that's the true way to his heart but I don't want an obese dog.


  1. Love the new 'do' and I would be livid about the rice incident. You did well to keep your cool mama!

  2. ONE MONTH!? So jealous!!! Your new haircut is hot, rock it mama. The dog thing scares me too...Lambeau pup requires tons of attention NOW...God only knows when we have a kid what will happen!!! Maybe try taking long walks with the baby and puppy? It might bond them? Mind you, I have no clue on this. Enjoy your last month, suddenly it will be the last day and you'll be shocked at how quickly it went by!

  3. Your hair looks great! When I feel like my dogs are neglected I stop doing what I'm doing and sit down on the ground and yell "puppy break" and rub their bellies for five minutes. I'm serious. Other than that I think I show my affection through walks and pool time. Oh! You could get another dog! I'm sure that would make life muuuuuuuuch easier ;)

  4. your hair is so cute!! happy early Mother's day to you! xoxo

  5. way to stay calm! it is amazing what people do without thinking :S
    Trust me that it gets easier with the puppy! we have two dogs and they are now loving Lilly more and more each day. Also since the weather has picked up, we can now all go for walks together with the stroller :) i find that if anyone goes on a walk with them, they will start to love that person too haha
    ps: loving the hair!


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