30 Weeks and How I Broke the News to Family

Don't worry, we didn't wait until 30 weeks to tell our parentals. It just took me 30 weeks to tell this story. I'm so timely, aren't I?

When hubster and I found out we were expecting, many emotions swirled in my worried little head. For awhile there, all I could think about was the chance of miscarrying. I just thought this was too good to be true. I'm a worry wart in that way. This worrisome thought made me question how long I really wanted to wait to tell the people that were close to me. On one hand, I didn't want to tell my family the news just in case something were to go wrong, but on the other, I would need their support and I would WANT their support if something did. So, we decided to go ahead and tell them. I wanted all the love I could get at that moment.

The Set-up: Sergio and I decided we would tell our families over a fancy dinner at one of our favorite places, Panda Inn. (Their Honey Walnut Shrimp is Orgasmic.) It isn't uncommon for our families to meet together for dinner a few times a year, so they didn't really suspect much. We had to tell my brother on another night because he was working. Boo, responsibilities.

The Props: For our mothers, we placed two pacifiers in ring boxes. Who would ever think that anything but jewelry would be in those purdy velvety boxes? They sure didn't. For the dads and siblings, we found cute bibs to gift to them. For Sebby, we bought him a toy that he would later be able to play with his first cousin. We presented each gift in a fancy $1 Target gift bag.

The big happy moment: Before the wonton soup was served, we thanked our families for coming and began to thank our parents for all the love and support they gave us through the years. We told our families that to show our appreciation, we bought them gifts. To throw them for a loop, we told them that they couldn't say that the presents were too expensive and we said these gifts couldn't be returned.

Our moms opened their ring boxes first and to my surprise, my mom started jumping up and down and screamed like a little girl. (I didn't expect her to scream) My MIL cried sweet tears of joy.
Our dads and siblings all beamed with happiness and showered us with hugs.
And Sebby didn't know what to make of the scary fact that a baby was in my belly. We tried explaining it to him in all sorts of ways, then he got distracted with the toy.
Then the Honey Walnut Shrimp was served and I got distracted.... it was a perfect night.

About a month or two later, we told some of Sergio's family via prayer before a dinner one night. Hubby volunteered to say grace and slipped in a special shout out to the Man above for blessing us with a baby. Everyone was squealing with happiness. We couldn't be more blessed.

30 Weeks....Wowza
How far along? 30 weeks. 6-10 more weeks left! Maybe I should pack the hospital bag soon.
Total weight gain: 35+ pounds. I am shameful.
Maternity clothes? My work attire consists of the same 2 pair of work pants, leggings, and jeans with any top that is willing to fit my growing belly. I finally invested in some good work shoes, too.
Stretch marks? I Heart my Burt's Bees Belly Butter
Sleep: Backaches and heartburn is keeping me up all night.
Best moment this week: Getting my new shoes in the mail. I can wear something other than flip flops now. This is big news for my kankles!
Miss Anything? Sleeping on my back, having energy, my ankles, and NOT being swollen.
Movement: Some days Baby is active.
Food cravings: Sees Chocolates and pancakes. Not together, but that's a great idea!
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nothing at the moment
Gender predictions: Even though everyone says boy, I feel like it's a girl.
Labor Signs: Not yet
Symptoms: Major swelling in my legs still, constipation from my Iron supplements (whoo hoo.), moodiness, and major fatigue.
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? Off
Happy or Moody most of the time: Moody and stressed from work
Looking forward to: This weekend. Hubby and I are going to stay with my parents and my mom said she'll pamper me so I can relax and de-stress. How awesome is she? She already took my order for what I want to eat!


  1. Ohhhh my goodness! This is just adorable. I'm so happy for you! Love the creativity. Once one of my uncles announced a pregnancy in a prayer like that and it was the sweetest ever!

  2. Oh my that was too cute! I got teary eyed when I read the reactions; it's those moments when you share great news and people rejoice with you that create the best memories. YOU LOOK AWESOME!!! My sister announced my first niece (18 years ago OMG) at our annual go around the table at Thanksgiving and say what we're thankful for tradition. She said "I'm thankful that you're going to be aunts and uncles in July." I died at age 10! I'll never forget it, and your family won't either.

  3. you look fantastic!! heartburn was a killer for me too, but stopped as soon as she was born! yay!

  4. I'm new to your blog and I am LOVING it!

    You're such a cute preggo and what a sweet way to tell your family. Loved all the pictures.

  5. Wow that is so exciting girl! I feel like I'm right there with you~God will take care of your lil bebe so have peace and enjoy it. But I'm sure it's instinctual for every mom to worry at least a little bit~:D


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