Drizzle of Sunshine: Hello Again

1. Oh hello, again. It's me, the girl who wants to still be a blogger but can't make the time to blog. Can you guess who made their New Year's Resolution (again) to revive the bloggy? No pressure, Joanna. Just a whole bunch of free minutes in your day to decide if you want to take that nap on the cozy couch or to write about it. Just shut up and write.

2. Life as a mommy has been great. Joaquin is still the perfect child with perfect big brown eyes. I can still stare at him for hours but the problem is that he wont let me. He is a toddler on the move! Walking, crawling, big balling....he's everywhere. I want to snuggle him tight but he is a squirmy monkey. He is the quintessential boy and if I were to give birth to all boys for the rest of my life I'd be ok with that. Except when I see cute baby girl dresses at Target... I will have moments of not being ok with that.

3. I'd like to put it out there that I need a photographer. I need one that will follow me around my kitchen and take pictures of my dinners then post them to my blog. It would also be helpful if they didn't ask for free meals. I've been testing out lots of delicious recipes these days. Newsflash, I still love to eat.

4. On that note, my husband has joined The Biggest Loser contest at his work. In result, he has finally decided to join me in my never ending quest to eat healthier and tone up the bod. I'm excited that he is on the up and up with his health but I'm irritated that he didn't do it years ago when I nagged him about it. Apparently a nagging wife doesn't work in these parts of the woods. If I knew that all I had to do was hold a contest, I would have done that first. Nonetheless, we are eating clean and I hate it. Pass the fries please.

5. Blog post #1 of 2014....Done.


  1. this made me laugh, welcome back!! post some cute photos of the toddler of yours would ya ;)

  2. I looooooove when husbands pull that- like it's totally new information, despite hearing it in their own home a million times. Men!


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