And These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I. Jimmy Fallon

It started with a video of him and Justin Timberlake dressed up as a roll of wrapping paper and a gift bag, then a video of JF writing Thank You cards that are so witty and hilarious, then a video of him and Ryan Reynolds playing Water War. Dammit YouTube, why you gotta recommend that I watch these videos... you know I can't say no. I've linked a video for you to enjoy. Go ahead and let YouTube be your guide and waste a ridiculous amount of time watching more videos than you need to in one sitting. Bottom line, Jimmy is a funny dude. I approve of his move to take over The Late Night Show.

II. Veggie Chips

It seems a little oxymoronic to me. Veggie chips? That's like Parsnip fries...what? They make those? Anyway, thin slices of my much hated food group makes life a little easier to live. I'm not sure if they are baked or fried but ignorance is bliss and I'm an ignorant summa bitch. Let me eat my chips in peace.

III. Real Techniques Face Brush

So this year I'm uber-obsessive about makeup. Maybe it's because they just opened up an Ulta near my house or because I watch way too many makeup videos on YouTube (hence the JF fiasco of 2013). So anyway, I found some makeup brushes that don't cost an arm and a leg. My Face brush only cost me 2 fingers and a toe or in layman's terms $10. This brush is magical and glides my foundation on like a dream. Now I look less zombie and more human. Can't put a price on that!

IV. Onion Rings from The Habit

I don't know if I'm pregnant or if my inner fat kid is taking control (which I guess those two can be the same thing if you really think about it), but my onion rings craving is insanely strong. I've texted my husband way too many times this week about them. I need them. Covered in ranch. Clogging up my arteries. I need them. The crunchiness of the bread coating, the sweet sting of the yellow onion, the cooling effect of the ranch... oh take me now! Oh and they need to be from The Habit or you can keep them. On second thought, I'll still eat them.

What are your favorite things this week?


  1. Twice in January! Look at you!

    I have to confess- my makeup brushes are super duper cheap and super duper old (minus the brush that came with my Naked 2). I just would rather spend money on makeup, although I'm sure a new blush brush would work wonders.

    This week my favorite thing has been the new Chocolate Cheerios- there's chunks of something or else in them.

  2. Those onion rings look to.die.for.


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