Baby Joaquin: 4 and 5 Month Update

My little booger monster turned 5 months this month. A lot has happened in these past two months and we hit so many milestones. I can't help but squeeze him tight because it's going too fast for Mommy.
Size: 6-9 months. Real Babies have curves. Joke.
*I'm going to start a petition to change the sizing of baby clothes. They need to drop the "months" because it is no longer accurate. Babies are born in all sizes and grow at different rates. Who's with me?
Cuteness level: Epic proportions (not to brag or anything)
Eating: Soy formula and Brown Rice Cereal with Probiotics (Hipster baby)
Sleeping: Beat the sleep regression monster! Sleeps from
8:00pm- 3:30am/Bottle, back to sleep until 6:00-7:00.
(Note to self: Write posts about these two things later.)

Milestones: Sitting up for a few seconds on his own, cut his first tooth (!!!), eating cereal, rolling from back to front and back again, dropping and picking up his toys,
and toy to mouth coordination is spot on.

Likes: Mommy and Daddy, jumping, playing with anything with a washing instructions tag on it, staring at the time on the oven, the colors black, white, and red all in the same object, and his feet.
Obsessions: Sonic and splashing in bath water
Sonic is still coming around.
Dislikes: His carseat, an empty bowl of cereal, men with deep voices, when mommy burns something in the oven and the fire alarm goes off.
Next Up: Pureed foods, sitting unassisted, crawling, and turning half a year old!
As for me, I'm obsessed with my health right now. Hubby and I finally agreed that eating out as many times as we do and being addicted to coffee is not ok. We are eliminating most starches when we can and incorporating Paleo ideas (Yay, MEAT!) but still staying true to the foodies that we are. This is called the "DUH" diet which stresses the obvious: more veggies and fruit, no junk, quinoa<brown rice<white rice, sugar makes you fat, and limit the treats. DUH.
I've also been hitting well over my Nike Fuel points everyday and making sure I'm up and about instead of being comatose in front of the TV. I took out my running stroller the other day and I'm slowly working up to running again. The weather has been very cooperative.
I'm feeling good.


  1. Your little guy is ADORABLE! Love the pics and updates!

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  2. GAH, he is always such a cutie! And hooray for all the awesome milestones he's reaching - yay Joaquin!

  3. he looks like he is so fun! and look at him checking off all those things on the baby-to-do list! sounds like you are doing great too mama!

  4. how adorable is he!! love his photos, such a great smile

  5. What a cutie!! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow and how much they accomplish in 5 months? Lilly cut her first tooth too, right on the 5 month mark. Now we can see the second one coming in, insane!
    I am so happy to see that you guys are loving life :) He is too cute!

  6. He is such a DOLL!! Bear and Joaquin would be BFFs, I just know it. And I agree with you on the baby sizes...they're ridiculous. When Bear was 3 months old I put him in a pair of 18 month shorts. Just ridiculous!

    Love that head of hair he has too...little stud muffin!

  7. He's beautiful! That could kill someone with the cuteness.

  8. He's changing so much! Such a cutie! How long have you guys been trying the Paleo diet?? Ron and I did it briefly when we were Crossfitting (they're all about that). We call it the Cave Man Diet, since we imagine that's what cave men use to eat back in the day, hehe. But yes it definitely was a challenge with us, work, no time, and the two girls! Good luck and be sure to post some of your recipes! :-)

  9. He is so so cute! It is amazing how mommyhood changes your entire life, isn't it? In the most wonderful/terrifying way :) Can't believe he is already 5 months!


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