Wandom Wednesday: It's Magic, Baby!

1. I am almost done with my first trimester. Holy Guacamole. Sooner than you know it, I'll be telling you I'm planning my baby's 18th birthday. Where does the time go?

2. On that note, my nausea, food aversions, and moodiness are starting to go away. Yip Yip Yipeee! This is amazing news and this week I loaded up on some good ol' fashion veggiesAtta girl, Joanna!

Homemade Portabella Mushroom burger and Sweet Potato Fries
3. This week is the last week of state testing for my students. I loathe testing as the ONLY way to track these students' progress. I for one am horrible with standardize tests. Let's not bring up my SAT scores...ever. I am not ashamed anymore because I went on to college, got my masters, and became a teacher. Take THAT SATs.

4. My dog wont leave me alone. I think he knows there is a baby in my belly. I hope he knows it's a friend and not a cookie.

5. Tomorrow I'm going to The Magic Castle in Hollywood. What is this "Magic" Castle, you say? It's an exclusive and private club where magicians gather to do their thang.I feel special because only special members of society can enter....or people that KNOW special members can go. Luck for me, I know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone that is one of those members. That makes me special enough, I think.

It's also a place where you can get lessons on the art of magic, dinner and a show, and your mind blown. Well, not so sure about the last one since this will be my first time going. I hope I get to see something MAGICAL!


  1. Glad your food aversions are going away :) It's funny how your pregnancy dictates what your baby specifically needs at that point in growth. For me right now it's been calcium filled foods and it's "textbook" correct to the 8th-9th month calcium donations that the baby takes from you during that time, (so be prepared for bleeding gums!) Anyways have fun at the Magic Castle, we're going for the first time on Friday too!! And i still don't know WHAT to wear!!

  2. My cats have been going crazy for the past few months too! They are SO affectionate and will not leave me alone! I think they know something is about to change...haha!

  3. That is so awesome that you get to go to the Magic Castle- so VIP.

    And I love that dress.

  4. I can't believe youre almost in your second trimester. It goes by fast, and slow at the same time. Enjoy it!!!!
    The magic castle is so fun!! Jeff and I went a few years ago. Have fun!!!

  5. Hello future mommy, you look better and better.


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